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Make it Happen in 2020!

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Upcoming Classes

GCB EXPO Book 2020

Let’s get together in Vegas!

Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2020!

April 1 – April 5, 2020

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There are still seats available in two of my classes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your glass to the next level.

Photo shown represents techniques utilized in class.

Sculptural Fused Glass Art


Intermediate/Advanced, Full-day, Lecture/ Hands-on

Push boundaries challenge trusted techniques and enjoy the thrill of limitless possibilities. Break free from traditional fused glass assembly and create refreshingly unique pieces of art! Join glass artist Lisa Vogt in this hands-on class and learn how easily you can put tried and true methods to use in unlikely ways to create original art. Students will learn how to successfully employ different techniques to produce dramatic effects and take your work to an exciting, new level of sophistication. Beginner and advanced students alike will find inspiration, motivation and renewed artistic freedom from utilizing the combination of techniques.

You’ll leave class with the advanced skills and confidence to incorporate these innovative techniques in your new work. In addition, you’ll have a working knowledge of kiln operation, custom firing guides, and a deeper understanding of sculptural glass fusing fabrication. You’ll have the burning desire, and the cool confidence, to take your passion to greater heights.

Photo shown represents techniques utilized in class.

NEW Sculptural Fused Glass DESIGN Made Easy


Beginner/Advanced, Full-day, Lecture/ Design

Elevate your work from “craft” to the threshold of “fine art.” Whatever your artistic goal, the deeper understanding of design gained from this class will dramatically advance your creative talent.

No drawing experience needed! YOU CAN design elegant, thought provoking, sculptural pieces of fine art. In this quick-start class Lisa Vogt reveals simple, fine art design guides you can use immediately to ramp up the visual impact and desirability of your glass work.

Take your fused glass art to the next level. Through lecture and demonstration, Lisa will share valuable design practices she uses to transform basic designs into powerful compositions. You’ll see how innovative art is developed from concept through design to fabrication. Learn how scale and contrast influence balance and how glass selection sways visual flow. You’ll be shown how to exploit these fundamentals and apply them in two and three-dimensional approaches to fused glass art. See step-by-step how to draw designs free-hand with a pencil on paper as well as digitally on a computer. You’ll put these design essentials to practice during hands-on, no drawing experience needed, skill-building exercises. Experienced artists and beginners alike will gain sharpened insight into key qualities that’ll make your artwork unforgettable.

This is the absolute best time investment you can make to advance the sophistication of your fused glass. Outstanding artwork is within your reach!

Currents, As seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video
This is the turning-point workshop you’ve been waiting for.

Sculptural Fused Glass, 4-Day, Hands-on Workshop

May 12-15, 2020

Register today! ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT!


Wesley Chapel, Florida, 4-Day, Hands-on, Class size is limited.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like when I’m feeling the creative flow. Time flies. Hours pass in what I thought were minutes. My naturally distracted mind is focused on what my hands are doing, and nothing else. I get lost in my own world. When I return to reality, I feel rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted. That’s why I like sharing my studio space with others. I try to give them that experience and hope they feel the same inspiration and fulfillment I do. -Lisa

Join me and I’ll show you all the pro tips and tricks I use to make stunning 3-dimnesional art. You’ll learn how to combine advanced techniques in new ways to create extraordinary sculptural pieces of art.

You’ll leave class with several completed glass sculptures, my custom firing guides and a deeper understanding of sculptural fused glass fabrication. You’ll have the knowledge, confidence and inspiration you’ve been craving to take your artwork to the next level.

Materials are included, that’s a $150.00 value! Plus, a professional photo shot of your artwork is also included.


Here’s what the students are saying about the workshop.

 “Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and freakishly talented. House, art, mosaic, her work – really fun and beautiful.”   -Lorna

“Incredible class. Lisa shared her artistic knowledge of color flow and her technical knowledge of glass.”         -Larry

“I had so much fun! Lisa is a great teacher!”           -Brenda

4 Studio

This class is for you! Any skill level can attend. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike will learn how to advance their glass fusing skills and expand their artistic style.

I’m ready to GET FIRED UP if you are!



Watch it NOW! Start fusing today!

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Downloadable instructional videos for every skill level.

Book covers

Check out my eBooks for elegant patterns and detailed fusing instructions. 



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