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What’s new on my website?

American Pride as seen in my eBook Fireworks

Top 10 Blog Posts
Glass fusers are really enjoying reading the top ten, reader selected, Art Adventure Blog posts now listed on the sidebar of the SHOP page of my website. The posts are updated every 2 days, so check back often.

The Perfect Gift!Gift Cards the Perfect Gift Every Time
Give the gift of inspiration and creativity to your artistic family and friends. You can now purchase gifts cards on my website.

You’re a glass act! !

Artwear Eco-conscience totes, sassy ceramic mugs and artist inspired T-shirts are a hit with glass fusers everywhere. Don’t be left out. Show your colorful, fun loving spirit with artwear designed for artists by artists.

Lumin-Essence lanterns

New Video Lumin-Essence
Lumin-Essence is packed with dazzling, easy to make lanterns for all seasons. You’ll love the new designs and variety of unique shapes.

Let’s get together and fuse glass in 2021!

DIY Pendant Lights Wee Webinar

NEW Upcoming Wee Webinar!
DIY Pendant Lights with Lisa Vogt, February 4, 2021
Register here:

Design, fabrication and installation by Jake and Jessie Battin

Custom pendant lights are a wonderful way to add a custom, personalized touch to your family’s hub, the kitchen. In this special event I’ll share treasured fun and creative family time in my glass studio with you. You’ll follow the design and construction of two beautiful pendant lights as my daughter and son-in-law dive deep into the world of glass fusing to create beautiful fixtures to light up the loving center of their new home.

In this concentrated, live event you will learn how to make 2 stylish fused glass pendant lights from start to finish. We will show you step-by-step how to create an attractive design, how to cut large glass circles, and how to create three-D design elements that pop. In addition, I’ll share project specific firing guides I developed to successfully fuse, tack and drape pieces with an intricate free-form shape.

As a bonus, we’ll share images of our ugly, but lovable, test piece. You’ll learn why we didn’t like it and how we adjusted the project assembly and firings to achieve the results we wanted.
Plus, we will show you how easy it is to drill the holes needed to accommodate the light fixtures. And we’ll demonstrate how to assemble and install the lights.
Also included, you’ll receive a tools and materials list that includes detailed information about the draping mold, the glass drill bits and the lighting fixtures we used.
All DIY creative enthusiasts are invited to attend. Enjoy the thrill of renewed inspiration, motivation, and artistic freedom after seeing how easy it is to add your own personal, artistic touch to your home.

Currents as seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video

New Spring Class Date
Sculptural Fused Glass, 4-Day, Hands-on Workshop April 27-30, 2021
Register today! 4 seat available. Register here!  
Wesley Chapel, Florida, 4-Day, Hands-on, Class size is limited.

This is the turning-point workshop you’ve been waiting for.
Visit my website for more information.

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