Mini Meanderings


Success isn’t trying to make a difference for the masses. Success is making a difference for a few. #MiniMeanderings

Random Thoughts

Dog treats, a screwdriver with flowers on the handle, Crayola crayons, lip gloss, ponytail holder, packing tape, flash light, tape measure, pink sticky notes, ruler, pen, stapler, scissors, mints, pink sharpie, red pen. What do these items have in common? They’re the contents of my office desk drawer.

What’s in your drawer?


I asked Jessie age 6, “What do I tell you all the time?” I was certain she’d say, “I love you.” Instead, she snapped, “GO BACK TO BED!”

Niki: (age 9) for the 100th time. I want a horse. Buy me one.

Me: No.

Niki: My utter modder said, Yes!

Me: Really? Who’s your other mother?

Niki smiling: Out of area. (pronounced “ottaberria”)


Dress the way you want to feel.

Nothing changes until you change something.

Being a parent is the most amazing, fulfilling and sometimes frustrating job in the world. I knew it would bring surprises but I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d ever find myself saying, “underarm deodorant is meant to be put on your arm pits, not your lips.”

I’m known for my weird dreams. I’ve noticed a connection between my bizarre dreams and eating garlic. When I say, I had a weird dream, my family collectively hold their breath and wait. One night I had a dream that my second toe ended at the second knuckle. Instead of having a toenail I had a smiling Lego character head attached to my toe. Wow, I was super happy to wake up and see my foot was indeed normal.