Fusing with Frit Webinar June 25, 2019


Fusing with Frit Webinar

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Register here: https://www.glasspatterns.com/glass-patterns-quarterly-store/product/1365-fusing-with-frit-with-lisa-vogt-june-25-2019.html

Ramp up the visual intricacy of your glass art!

Clever glass fusers know that using strong line quality and bold color saturation in combination is an effective way to create stand-out works of art. Now take such trustworthy techniques and sprinkle in gradient blends and subtle shading achieved using frit. You’ll be amazed just how quickly your artwork advances to a new, exciting level of sophistication.

In this comprehensive webinar, I’ll show you how to apply several methods I employs to add the striking, painterly-quality I’ve developed to improve the impact of your glass fusing projects. I’ll demonstrate SEVEN projects in this Webinar, from sea turtles to flowering trees to beach scenes and more! You’ll learn how to evaluate a design to maximize the imagery, steps for successful fabrication and practical tips for building professional quality, finished pieces. Along with my step-by-step instruction, you’ll also receive complete material lists and project-specific firing guides.

I hope to see YOU there!

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