For as long as I can remember, I have loved working with my hands and getting messy mixing different mediums to create visually stimulating works of art. Getting carried away, crossing the line and taking risks, is what I do. The next exciting new design, dramatic shape, or perfect color combination, is just over the rise. It’s found by journeying into the unknown and then exploring, experimenting and challenging convention.

I love working with glass because no matter how much I know, there’s always more to learn and new artistic directions to discover.

Making original art that raises spirits has always been and continues to be at my heart’s center. My work is a labor of love. I design each piece with careful thought to enhance any setting with sparkling light, graceful form and positive energy.

I’m just a daydreamer with my head in the clouds. Sharing my blissful creativity grounds me. I hope it lifts you up.

Dream in color,



Lisa Vogt is an award-winning artist and author. For Lisa, working in glass allows her to draw upon her fine arts background and own sense of style, drama and whimsy to combine a historic medium with innovative techniques for endless design possibilities.

Lisa has been working with glass for more than 35 years. She’s published numerous design books and writes articles for industry publications. In addition to her writing, Lisa produces instructional videos including a premium video series available to members on her website. She’s taught lectures at national conferences and has work in major cities throughout the country. Lisa is enjoying a new chapter in her life that embraces unbridled creativity, working with her artsy daughter and being a fun-loving grandma.

Lisa resides in Wesley Chapel, Florida just north of Tampa Bay with her amazing family.