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What Makes my Premium Video Subscription Different?

My premium videos are comprehensive project specific fused glass courses. My artist designed artwork is intended to inspire your creativity well beyond the introductory stack and fuse level. In my premium videos I show how easy it is to use advanced techniques with guided step-by-step video instruction. I include pro tips and suggestions to improve your workflow. You also receive my custom developed firing guides, a glass list and material list.

PLUS, each video comes complete with a complimentary 8.5 x 11-inch printable pattern eBook that includes color images, full size project pattern, firing guides and pro tips.

These video releases contain exclusive content that is only available to Premium Video Members and as paid project singles. They’re not available to the public on YouTube.

You’ve ruined your share of glass, experienced disappointing firing disasters and been confused by unwanted surprises. In my videos, I bring you clear step-by-step instruction in a convenient, easy-to-access, ad-free way, that saves you time, money, and frustration. I’ve already made the mistakes so you can learn from my creative process and enjoy success.  

Join for the convenience of inspiration delivered to you on a regular basis. Join for the fun new projects. Join to be part of your vibrant art glass community and enjoy hangouts with other glass artists. Join to support my artistic lifestyle so I can continue to create and share exciting new ideas with you. Be a hero, join to inspire me while in my studio with your name on the Wall of Flame. Join so I can spend less time traveling and more time home spoiling my lovable grand kids.

Join and share my journey with me.  

Let’s get fired up!


Glass Fusing with Lisa Vogt Premium Video Membership

Basic Monthly Membership $10 Per Month

Basic Paid Monthly

You get:

Exclusive early access to my new videos.   

Enjoy 12 new videos a year & bonus project videos plus behind-the-scenes & work-in-progress clips.

FREE eBook with project pattern, material list, color pictures, firing guides and my pro tips.  

All access pass to my previously released premium videos.  

Cancel anytime.

My thanks for your support.

Basic Plus Monthly Membership $20 Per Month

Basic Plus Paid Monthly

You get the Basic plan plus:

Exclusive invitations to live online glass studio hangouts.   

Your name listed at the end of my new videos.

A huge thank you for your support.    

Premium Annual Membership  $200 Per Year

Premium Paid Annually

You get the Basic plan and the Basic Plus plan plus:

Your name on my glass studio Wall of Flame ©

Your name listed with other Premium subscribers at the end of my new videos.

Hero status for sponsoring the development of innovative creativity.

A wholehearted thank you for your generous support.   

How to become a member. Watch this video. Joining is easy! Get access to premium videos and pattern eBooks NOW!

By joining you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

What Students Say

My whole experience with glass artist Lisa Vogt was, in a word, excellent.  Mary, North Halden, New Jersey

Outstanding workshop! I loved the organization of class and materials and the individualized instruction. Susan, Cortez, Colorado

Lisa was very informative and very knowledgeable. She is an excellent teacher. Terry,

Lisa’s videos are easy to understand, fun to watch, and when you finish, she leaves you with a level of confidence that allows you to forge ahead. Larry, Montverde, Florida

The thought of a new video series of new projects and new techniques is exciting! I can‘t wait to see what Lisa produces. Kathy, Danville, California

Lisa’s video tutorials take you to a level beyond the usual fuse, slump and go crafts. Monica, Key West, Florida

7 thoughts on “Premium Video Membership

  1. Happy birthday Hope I get to take another class with you!

  2. I’m looking forward to a year of new and exciting projects. I can not wait to get started.

  3. I guess I am not technology friendly, I feel I am going in circles trying to fine ebook after subscribing. I put in password and it brings me back to this page.

  4. when will this program start? I subcribed,but am not sure when the vidios will be starting?

    1. Hi Bonnie, Thank you for reaching out to me. I’m happy to help you!

      I tried to look up your subscription start date but I don’t see it. What date, name and email did you use for your account? Thank you! Lisa

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      2. Hi Bonnie, Thank you! I see you just renewed your subscription. Let me know if you need any help. Happy Fusing! Lisa

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