My life revolves around creativity.

Hi, I’m Lisa Vogt an artist turned writer by the overwhelming desire to teach, inspire, entertain and awe readers by painting fresh pictures with words. For several years, I’ve been honing my craft. Which, by the way, is a taboo word in the visual arts realm and therefore fun to use. I’m never more than an arm’s reach away from a book or magazine. Alternating between fiction and non-fiction, I’m always studying the way others connect through skilled storytelling or hard-earned experience.

I have a book in me. Tenacious characters haunt my dreams. They keep me company with their ever-evolving stories while I cut glass in my art studio. They join us at dinner and stick around longer than what’s considered polite. These pests won’t leave me alone. And so, I’m compelled to listen and write their stories.

This is my open invitation to YOU to join me on what’s sure to be an adventurous, fun, at times weird, possibly crazy journey to discovering what’s up ahead.

Following the writing advice of the late, great author Ray Bradbury, I stepped to the edge of the cliff, jumped off and am building my wings on the way down.

Let’s fly!

Writer Bio

Lisa Vogt never dreamed of being a writer or an author; she was always driven to be an artist. But through her art she found her voice, a reason to write. Because when you’re passionate about a subject, as she is about her glass work, the words won’t be kept silent.

Lisa has been a steady contributor to industry magazines such as Glass Art, Glasscraftsman and Glass Patterns Quarterly, writing feature articles about innovative glass techniques, since 1999. She’s been blogging the extraordinary life of an artist since 2011. Lisa is the author of 14 design books published by SG Images, San Carlos, CA. and CKE Publications, Olympia, WA. She is also the author of 10 instructional videos published by Originals In Glass, Wesley Chapel, FL. She is an active member of the Florida Writers Association and has a published short story, One Good Turn, in the FWA’s 2012 anthology titled, My Wheels. Her poem, My Muse was published in the FWA’s 2018 anthology, Where Does Your Muse Live. Lisa has also acted as a judge for the FWA’s, Royal Palm Literary Awards competition in 2018 and 2019.

As Lisa’s artistic talents matured, so did her desire to write creatively. Now, in addition to maintaining a busy glass business schedule, Lisa is hard at work on a novel and hop-scotching between short stories and essays. She enjoys painting pictures with words, making people laugh, making them cry and encouraging them to see the world differently.

Lisa has been expanding her body of work for more than 30 years. She resides in Wesley Chapel, Florida, just north of Tampa Bay, with her family.