Advanced Glass Fusing with Lisa Vogt Video Download


Lisa makes it easy. This video gave me the confidence to try techniques I only dreamed of before.” 
Mastering combing, free flows, pattern bars, creative slumping, extraordinary glass design and crafting unique display stands is all here in this comprehensive video.


CLICK on the video link to START the Video. RIGHT CLICK on the PLAYING VIDEO. A box will pop up with SAVE as an option. SAVE the video to your device. HELPFUL HINT: Make a NEW FOLDER just for your videos PRIOR to starting the video. Then SAVE the video there so you can find it easily in the future for unlimited viewing. Enjoy!

If you’re having trouble. When you start to play the video, you’re streaming off my website. It’s not until you right click on the video and save it to your device that you have possession of the file. If you’re streaming off my website and your signal is weak or gets interrupted, it can cause the video to stop or disappear. Follow the directions above and save the video to a folder on your device as soon as you can. Then you can easily retrieve the video and view it at your convenience.

If you need additional help, please email me. I’m happy to assist you. 


Advanced Glass Fusing with Lisa Vogt Video, 48 Minutes, 8 Projects

Master combing, free flows, pattern bars, creative slumping and more!


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