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“Amazing! I love this technique. It’s inspired so many new projects!”
Produce refreshingly new dramatic effects! Get excited about glass fusing again with Lisa’s ground-breaking new Free-Flow process for artful color blends. In this comprehensive, advanced technique driven video you’ll learn you how to combine new-found concepts with traditional design to create stunning, original art.


CLICK on the video link to START the Video. RIGHT CLICK on the PLAYING VIDEO. A box will pop up with SAVE as an option. SAVE the video to your device. HELPFUL HINT: Make a NEW FOLDER just for your videos PRIOR to starting the video. Then SAVE the video there so you can find it easily in the future for unlimited viewing. Enjoy!


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Go with The Flow with Lisa Vogt Video, 48 Minutes, 4 Projects

Learn how to make artistic color blends with Lisa’s new Free-Flow method for fused glass.


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