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What’s new in glass fusing? Skutt’s Touchscreen Controller and KilnLink App!

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Going High-Tech Never Looked So Good

Skutt has done it! Tech finally meets fine art. The Touchscreen Controller and KilnLink App are the ultimate kiln upgrades. With these innovative tools I have infinite control and limitless possibilities at my fingertips.

The Touchscreen Controller is the most ingenious kiln improvement imaginable. Right out of the box, I started firing glass with the easy to navigate, Guided Start firing programs that are test-proven by industry pros. I love the helpful and practical fusing tips that accompany every step of the Guided Start feature. They clarify the different firing processes giving the artist greater confidence. Plus, most screens include a help button for additional descriptions and suggestions.






The Touchscreen Controller’s ease of use is amazing. To get started I press the Begin Here button on the Home screen. This takes me to a new screen with several options including Program. Selecting Program takes me to a screen with: Guided Start, GlassFire, Write New Program, My Programs and Library options. Guided Start leads you step-by-step to a program, by having you select firing options from a given list. It’s so easy, you choose the firing process and heating speed, based on the results you want to achieve and the size/thickness of the project. For more advanced projects, I select the GlassFire option. From there I can quickly customize a pre-set program by adjusting the number of segments, firing rates, and hold times. I use the Write New Program to enter my own custom programs into the controller. At any time, I can retrieve my saved programs with the My Programs option. It doesn’t get easier.

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I like the controller’s large, user-friendly display screen. While firing, it flashes the kiln’s status, temperature and the current stage of the firing process. The fun, color-coded display makes, at-a-glance monitoring easy. A flashing red dot indicates the kiln is firing and the temperature is over 125 degrees and too hot to open safely.  While a flashing blue dot shows the kilns internal temperature is under 125 degrees and it’ll soon be cool enough to open.


An added visual of the Touchscreen Controller is the graph option which shows the current segment the kiln is in. While firing, I can view the estimated time remaining on the controller display which I use to manage the production time of commission artwork. At any time, I can press the details button to see the current segment, current temperature, target temperature, current rate and target rate of my firing.

There was no downtime. The Touchscreen Controller was fast and easy to install on my Clamshell kiln. The integration into my working production studio and active teaching facility was seamless. Following the well-organized preset prompts in the Write New Program menu option, I quickly entered my own custom firing programs into the controller. The stored programs are saved in My Programs for repeated access at which time I can adjust or change them as I see fit.


The KilnLink App and Wi-Fi capability are the most innovative features of the Touchscreen Controller. With the app I can monitor my firing kiln on my smartphone anytime from anywhere. The app has a neat, easy to read display with different color screens that change in sync with the stages of the firing process. A gray colored screen indicates the kiln status is idle, orange means it’s firing, while green tells me the firing is complete and it shows the current internal temperature of my kiln. Fast, real-time updates on the app keep me connected to the firing as it happens. The KilnLink App shows me pertinent information about the firing. When my kiln is connected to Wi-Fi and online, I can see the following on my phone: the Program Name (FULL FUSE SMALL), the current Step (Hold 2 of 3), the Set Point (960 degrees), Hold Time remaining (12 min) and Firing Time (5hr 19 min).


The Touchscreen Controller has impressive functionality. It’s extremely well thought out design offers me features I didn’t know I needed but am thrilled to have at my fingertips. The touchpad is responsive and easy to navigate. It has a wide range of options that give me creative flexibility, as well as confidence to try new advanced techniques.

Touchscreen Controller and KilnLink Apps ease of use, intuitive features and the flexibility of these new and improved tools have inspired new creative ideas for me. Modernizing my firing process gives me renewed artistic freedom to focus my attention on creating exciting new original art.



Start firing right away! The controller installation is fast and easy.

Don’t worry about installing your new controller. For easy-to-follow installation instructions visit Skutt’s website where you’ll find helpful videos and manuals. Simply visit Skutt’s website at Go to SUPPORT, INSTALLATION, Kiln Accessories.

Skutt Touchscreen Controller installation Directions

Resources include: KilnLink Overview and Installation Video with Jim Skutt, KilnLink Manual, KMT/GMT Upgrade Kit Installation Video and KMT/GMT Upgrade Installation Instructions.

The KilnLink Manual PDF walks you through the installation and setup of KilnLink. KilnLink Free App works in conjunction with the WiFi and allows you to monitor your kiln temperature and status from your smartphone.

There are lots of pictures in the printable Touchscreen Controller Upgrade (KMT/GMT) PDF so you can remove and change out the controller wires with confidence.


We’ve streamlined and updated every other aspect of our lives. It’s a thrill to finally apply modern technology to creating our art. Innovation never looked so good!


Check out my new video here: Skutt Touchscreen Controller and KilnLink App Installation and Operation

Happy fusing!


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2 thoughts on “What’s new in glass fusing? Skutt’s Touchscreen Controller and KilnLink App!

  1. Just thinking of getting an annealer for home slumping would this controller be too high tech for home use. What kind of a kiln would you recommend for home use small slumping? and at what cost?

    1. Hi Monica,
      This controller is great for home use as it gives you the freedom to leave your studio and know you’ll get consistent results. Firebox 14 by Skutt is a versatile home size kiln. It comes per-programmed for fast projects, but also has the capability to hold your own custom programs. Cost? That’s a question for your art glass supplier. Good luck. Happy fusing! Lisa

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