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Make it Happen in 2020 – 3 Tips to Achieve Your Artistic Goals

Dancer, As seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video.

It’s time for action. Take control of your artistic future!

Where do you see yourself at the year end? Dream big! Picture yourself there. What’s it going to take to make it happen? Set yourself up for success by allotting time and dedicating energy to making your dreams a reality.

It’s time to plan your year and buckle down to make sure you achieve your artistic goals. Planning can be as simple as a to-do list or as detailed as a mind-map. No more excuses or procrastinating. (You know who you are.)

I start by identifying my big picture goals. Then I list the individual tasks that have to be done to accomplish those set goals. I strive to tap and complete a portion of those smaller jobs every week. And before I know it, my work is moving steadily forward, and progress is being made in small, but positive ways.

Everglade, As seen on my website.

Here are some encouraging thoughts to motivate and inspire you to get started:

  1. Everyone has the potential to improve and grow their creative talent.

The only limitation is you. Allow yourself the freedom to explore, to fail and eventually to succeed. In my experience, the toughest, most difficult growth spurts I’ve experienced have directly led to the pivotal, ground-breaking techniques I use to fabricate my exhibition quality art today.

Wherever you are in your glass journey, whether you’re a beginner or advanced crafter there’s always more to learn. Artists benefit from instruction at every working level, especially advanced glass fusers. As the success of more complex pieces requires a solid understanding of a wide variety of techniques.

The most effective way to fast-track your creative style is to put yourself in a position to benefit from the expertise of other artists. Read articles, watch how-to videos, attend webinars and take hands-on classes.

Getting involved is inspiring. Plus, exposure to other active creatives puts you in a high energy, positive peer-pressure environment. It’s a nurturing atmosphere where you’re encouraged to challenge boundaries and cheered when you overcome obstacles. And, you’ll benefit from the practical fabrication tips that’ll strengthen your methods of construction, and at the same time further develop your artistic talent.

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  1. Trust your instincts and follow your heart.

Take a leap of faith and believe that your creative intuition is vibrant and valuable. Boldly step out of your comfort zone and try new designs ideas, work with unfamiliar materials and experiment with untested techniques. During the discovery phase the magic happens. That’s when unexpected possibilities come to light and spark new opportunities for creativity. Know that most great ideas were once crazy notions an inventor had the courage to try. Be that inventor and enjoy the exhilaration of producing surprising results and amazing glass art.


  1. Surround yourself with positive influences and people who have achieved the kind of artistic success you want.

Positivity generates positive results. First, identify what artistic success means to you. For some glass artists it’s selling their work. For others it’s making one-of-a-kind pieces for themselves. For others it’s about the technical process they use to make glass projects.

Social media makes it easier than ever to get to know and feel a connection with well-known artists, experienced instructors and industry leaders. Seek out people and groups with interests that mirror your future goals.

Study their artistic methods. Soon you’ll see patterns you can identify with. Use that inspiration to develop your own design style and build your own brand. Take advantage of opportunities to meet and learn from the innovators you admire. They’re knowledge, expertise and practical tips will guide you to the higher level of artist success you crave.

Small steps in a forward direction lead to big success. You’re doing great!

Happy Fusing!


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Dancer, As seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video.



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