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Hearts on Fire How-to

Hearts 4
What better way to share the love this month than with dazzling, hand-crafted glass hearts.

You’re going to love these fast, fun, easy-to-make cookie cutter heart table-toppers. Beyond the obvious quick construction time and the design-as-you-go attraction, these little darlings are so much more. These hearts may be small, but they have a lot they can teach us.

The opportunities to gain experience that’ll advance your glass fusing skills and increase your confidence are many. For one, these small hearts are a terrific, easy-to-manage introduction to building thicker projects. In the future, that knowledge can effectively be applied to mold making and glass casting.

One of the things I love about these tiny projects is that I can test different layering techniques and different color combinations on a small scale. Then later, I can confidently use what I learned to make larger more intricate pieces of art. Plus it gets better, I have nicely finished, completed mini pieces of art for my effort.

Ateco Plain Heart Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter Set-6pcs

Quick tips for making beautiful hearts.

Use only high quality stainless steel cookie cutters. Consider the purchase price an investment in your creative future.

Measure the height of the cookie cutters and then cut fiber paper strips accordingly. I cut 1 inch wide strips for my molds.

Line the inside of the stainless steel heart shaped cookie cutter molds with 1/8 inch thick fiber paper. The 1/8 inch material acts as a cushion between the metal and fused glass. It prevents breakage when the metal mold and glass cool.

Hearts 1

Line the inside of the 1/8 inch fiber paper with Thinfire. The Thinfire gives us the shiny, round edge quality we love.

Hold the fiber paper in place with small strips of clear plastic tape. The tape burns off during firing without leaving any trace.

For bright transparent hearts with a lot of depth, use fine, medium and course size frit. Use powder frit in moderation as it causes the hearts to look cloudy.
Use clear, course or medium size frit as a filler between colors to maintain your bright colors and increase the overall transparency of the project.

Hearts 2

Use transparent glass colors for maximum visual depth. Use opal glass colors in moderation.

Fill the heart molds to just below the edge of the fiber paper. Don’t be skimpy, but don’t overfill.

These hearts are small. Therefore, they can be fired to a full fuse temperature using a program for projects 12 inches is size or smaller.

If handled carefully, the 1/8 inch thick fiber paper liner can be reused several times. Re-line the inside with Thinfire every time for the best edge quality.

Try other cookie cutter shapes like dog bones, flowers and stars. Just keep in mind you have to be able to line the inside with the 1/8 inch thick fiber paper. If the design is intricate the stiff fiber paper won’t conform to the shape accurately. It’s okay to use a small amount of clear plastic tape to assist. But it’s not a good practice to rely on the tape to create the entire design.

Hearts 3

Check out the Hearts on Fire Video Here!

Firing Guide COE96
Full fuse for projects 12 inches in size or smaller.
Segment 1: Ramp 300 F/hr to 1300 and hold 30 min.
Segment 2: Ramp 500F/hr to 1465 and hold 10 min.
Segment 3: Ramp 9999(AFAP*) to 960 and hold 40 min.
Segment 4: Cool to room temperature.
*As fast as possible

NOTE: Kilns fire differently. Test fire these guides in your kiln, adjust as needed. I use COE96. But I use this same firing guide for COE90 and have the same great results.

Happy Fusing!

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Hearts 4

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  1. Hi, Lisa! This is so fun – thank you! I just wonder about the edges. How do you stop the thin fire paper from “falling in” and smudge the hearts? And do you fire polish them? Best wishes and thanks again for inspiration from Margareta in Sweden

    1. Hi Margaret! The smudging from the Thinfire is minimal. The round edge generally has a nice shine. I don’t fire-polish these due to the thickness and to keep a simple project simple. Happy fusing! Lisa

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