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Art Makes You Feel Better

Here’s a peek at one of my new designs.

Creating lifts your spirit and gives you a more positive perspective and hopeful outlook on the future.

You look to me for artistic motivation and inspiration. I count on your for validation that my teaching efforts make a difference in your artistic growth. We need each other. We’re all emotionally healthier and happier as a result of the relationship we share.

It’s impossible to ignore the health threat we’re facing worldwide.

I’m no mental health expert, but I am an emotionally sensitive human being. During this COVID-19 virus crisis, I want to take the best care I can of myself and my family which includes you, my art glass family.

I’m just an artist trying to process and deal with our countries dire situation. I worry about how it will affect me, my family and you in the days ahead. In these uncertain times, the stress of the unknown can lead to fatigue, poor health and depression. And so, I’m checking in to ask, what are you doing to take care of yourself and make yourself feel better?

How do rational people handle disaster? I don’t have an answer. I can tell you how I’m getting through.

I have a self-imposed deadline to make 2 new videos for release this spring. And so, I’ve been working in my glass studio designing and building projects for my new instructional videos. My deadline approached, but inspiration eluded me. I was a dry well. No new design ideas, no themes, or video titles came to mind. I showed up for work and went into my glass studio everyday anyway.

The place is magical because one day, when I least expected, ideas flooded in. I had really good ideas, fun ideas I couldn’t wait to create. I starting cutting glass and building glass art that made me glow inside. During that time, I kept up with the growing bad news, but in bite size doses that made me feel informed, but not overwhelmed.  I’ve created several new projects that I am really excited about sharing with you very soon.

But the real positive here is that the act of creating art gave me some relief from the bombardment of gloomy predictions. The bad news didn’t go away, but having a breather gave me a more positive perspective and hopeful outlook on our future.

Let me ask again. What are you doing to take care of yourself and feel better?

Here’s another peek.

Here are some suggestions:

Break glass and make fun pieces of fused glass art. Just do it. Forget structure or planning. Get your hands dirty and remember the pure joy of creating.

Take a long walk. Get fresh air between your ears. Listen to the birds. Enjoy flowering plants.

Read a book. Maybe try a new genre like science-fiction or thriller.

Start a new hobby. I’ve always wanted to crochet a scarf.

Paint something. It can be a canvas or a repurposed piece of furniture or a wall.

Plant a garden. If you don’t have seeds weed the garden. If you don’t have a yard visit a famous garden online.

Learn a new techie skill. I want to learn how to draw freehand sketches on the computer with a pen instead with nots and a mouse. So, I’m researching different programs and watching tutorial YouTube videos on the subject to narrow down which program will work best for me.

Practice yoga outside. Meditate.

Reach out to family and friends you know are struggling emotionally and possibly financially. Give them your time and understanding.

Count your blessings. Live in the present. Take time to appreciate all the good, positive aspects of your life.

We’re all in this together. Your good metal, emotional and physical health is important to all of us. I count on you to take care of me, as much as I take care of you. Now, get going. Do something today to lift your spirits.


To keep my positive energy strong, I’m heading out to my glass studio to make more beautiful pieces of art.

I’m here for you to help keep your artistic spirit alive and well.



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