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Glass Addicts Unite!

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Happy Holidays!

Just for fun, I’m sharing a timeless list that celebrates the passionate dedication of all glass artists, no matter what their chosen technique might be.

Let’s celebrate our diversity and our shared love of creating, art and glass. We artists are so fortunate to work in a field that inspires broad-minded thinking. Take pride in your uniqueness, your originality and your creative flare. Then pass it on.

Are You a Glass Addict?

You know you’re a glass addict if…

You tell your spouse you programed the dishwasher.


You see a spectacular sunset and say, Kokomo 14splp.

You think the perfect score is stripping alone with your glass cutter.

1 (3)


No crack means you had a great day.

You brag about the size of your glory hole.

1 (2)

Your idea of venting involves a kiln.

You write notes on shelf paper.

You tell friends you got diamonds for your birthday and you mean a grinder bit.

1 (4)

You buy Band-Aids at Sam’s club.

You used to park in the garage.

4 Studio

You prefer the company of a Hot Head over anyone else.

You believe if it doesn’t breathe you can mosaic it.

2 (3)

You’re okay with looking look through peep holes.

There aren’t any wheels on your favorite hot rods.


You’re okay with pulling your hand from your pocket with a piece of glass stuck in your fingertip.

Your idea of getting some fresh air is a trip to the welding supply.

You hate to get up for work but will jump out of bed to check on your kiln.

17 Studio

You describe the texture of hash browns in terms of course frit size.

You think striking is a good thing.


You know that latticcino is not something you order at Starbucks.

You ask your partner to hold you for 5 minutes than ramp you up to 1450 as fast as they can.

Are You a Glass Addict?

I’m proud to be a glass addict with you.   

Happy Holidays!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday enjoying family, friends and time cozying up to your kiln. Wishing you a happy, healthy and productive new year.



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