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2020 Get Fired Up for Fusing!

Fearless, As seen on my website.
Fearless, as seen on my website.

To wrap up 2019 and inspire you for a productive 2020, I’m sharing my favorite glass art pictures of 2019.


Over the holidays I enjoyed quality time with family and friends. I took a few days off to relax and refresh my creative spirit, but now I’m ready to take 2020 on and make exiting new glass art.

Whispering Woodlands As seen on my website.
Whispering Woodlands, as seen on my website.

Before jumping ahead and making a bunch of resolutions, I like to list some of my accomplishments from the previous year. This simple exercise is a huge boost to my self-esteem. It’s tangible proof that my efforts, no matter how small, are making a difference. And what’s better, is the satisfaction I feel knowing that I’ve made progress. And that’s a powerful motivator for building forward momentum toward new goals.

Shattered As seen on my website.
Shattered, as seen on my website.

Take a minute and list the things you accomplished in 2019. Then think about your process. What steps did you take to achieved success? What worked? What didn’t? How can you improve your results? Now, take time to be proud of yourself. Any progress is positive.

River Rock Bowl, As seen in Creative Shapes Video.
River Rock, as seen in Creative Shapes video.

You did a great job! Cheers!

Paradise Cove, As seen on my website.
Paradise Cove, as seen on my website.

Then think about the future. What do you want to be able to list this time next year? What steps can you start taking right now, today, to guarantee your success at the end of this year?

Ice, As seen in Creative Shapes Video.
Ice, as seen in Creative Shapes video.

As for me, I’m proud to say I built, and now manage my new website. I’m amazed how well my website has been received. And I’m thrilled that it’s been a wonderful vehicle to connect with so many established and new glass artists. Also, in 2019 I completed several custom art glass installations, produced three new instructional videos and wrote several glass related articles. Plus, I entered a few short stories in competitions. That’s fun stuff!

Glacier, As seen in Creative Slumping Webinar.
Glacier, as seen in Creative Slumping webinar.

In 2020 I intend to practice yoga more regularly and add meditation to my weekly routine. I plan to produce two new instructional videos utilizing newly developed advanced glass fusing techniques. I’m also going to design more original, sculptural commissions. And, I’ll write more regularly and finish my novel.

Garden Party, As seen in Fun & Fanciful Fusing Video.
Garden Party, as seen in Fun & Fanciful Fusing video.

If improving your glass skills and growing your artistic style are on your 2020 list, I’m here to help you achieve success. It’s a pleasure to share in your progress and a joy to see you develop your own personal flare.

Everglade, As seen on my website.
Everglade, as seen on my website.

I hope these images spark your imagination and motivate you to try new designs, use advanced techniques and invest time in your artistic growth in 2020.

Dancer, As seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video.
Dancer, as seen in Sculptural Fused Glass video.

Here’s to another creative year!

Cotton, As seen in Creative Shapes Video.
Cotton, as seen in Creative Shapes video.




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Currents, As seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video
Currents, as seen in Sculptural Fused Glass video.

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Wonderous, As seen in Sculptural Fused Glass Video.
Wonderous, as seen in Sculptural Fused Glass video.

Here’s what the students are saying about the workshop.

“Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and freakishly talented. House, art, mosaic, her work – really fun and beautiful.”   -Lorna

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Bountiful Harvest, As seen on my website.
Bountiful, as seen on my website.





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  1. Hi Lisa. I have been inspired by your Sculptural Fused Glass video and am about to erect my first sculpture comprising two pieces of 5 layer coloured glass which has been slumped over a wave mold. I see you use silicone to glue your pieces to a base. Any tricks I should know about using the silicone?



    1. Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your interest in my videos! I usually grind the edge that I intend to glue, so the adhesive sicks better. Also, I prop the artwork up and secure it with tape for 24 hours while the glue dries.
      I hope this helps. I’m sure you will have great success.

      Take care,

      1. That for your response. Bruce

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