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Whimsical and Wonderful – On Cloud Nine

Creating sculptural artwork is really exciting because your art can take any form. You’re limited only to your imagination. Your pieces don’t have to serve a practical function. They exist solely to engage and intrigue the viewer. It’s freeing to build without boundaries and create simply for the sake of enjoyment. On Cloud Nine is one of those playful pieces that purely entertains, with its crisp color palate and elegant freeform shape.

The great thing about this spontaneous style of assembly is having the artistic freedom to let the  shape of the art develop organically. I let the cut glass shapes and materials suggest the design direction and composition of the art. The majority of my really exceptional pieces originated this way, with a wild spark of inspiration and very little planning.

Trust yourself.

If you’re a hard core planner and haven’t thrown caution to the wind or tired letting yourself go, you’re missing out on a thrilling artistic experience. You’re denying yourself the opportunity to advance your skill level and boost your confidence. It’s time to break free and try something a new way. On Cloud Nine is the perfect project to test the waters. It’s a manageable size, it has just enough flowing form to be interesting and it’s fast and easy to make.

On Cloud Nine is a loose S shape. You can make your piece any shape. Be creative. Be bold. Be a little wild. Most importantly have fun with it.

One of the characteristic of this piece that I feel makes it even more intriguing is the open-air feel of the project. It reinforces my intention as the artist that this is decorative. It’s artwork. It’s function is to enhance the given space with beauty, light and intriguing form. It’s not a functional piece, a serving tray or other household knickknack.

If you’re ever asked, “What is this piece for?” you’ve failed as artist. It’s your job as the artist to make it clear, from first glance, what you intend the function of your piece to be. If it’s a spoon rest, put a spoon on it. If it’s a sculpture, make it obvious with an appropriate display stand.


Getting started.

Using scrap glass cut a variety of different size circles and ovals. For the bigger pieces, I cut two pieces, one out of wispy white glass and the other one out of clear glass. I stacked the white on the clear for a two layer assembly. I then cut small squares out of red, black and dichroic glass. These pieces were made up of only one single layer. The glass was then arranged on a primed kiln shelf and fired to a full fuse temperature of 1465 degrees and held there for 10 minutes. At this temperature and hold, the rough edges of the circles and ovals rounded out during the fusing stage. Likewise, the small, single layer squares balled up to make darling little dots. Since these pieces were going to be used in an organic type of design the slight variations in the finished sizes and shapes was a welcome plus.


Assembling the art.

I drew the S shape I wanted on a primed kiln shelf. The fused glass pieces were laid out with the larger pieces in the middle and the smaller pieces around the perimeter. I arranged the pieces, so the edges were touching to ensure they’d stick together. I used the tiny decorative dots to add a splash of color and in some places to bridge gaps. The glass was fired to a tack fuse temperature of 1365 degrees and held there for 10 minutes. At this temperature, I retain the multi-layer texture that makes this piece so flashy. In addition, the glass retains its shape and its heated enough for the pieces to stick together securely.


The assembled glass was then slumped over an S mold to further enhance the graceful form and sculptural quality of the glass. The glass was heated to a temperature of 1265 degrees and held there for 10 minutes.


Take it a step further.

Sculptural fused glass art benefits from a custom, decorative display base. A well thought out base lifts the art off the table giving it lift so light can illuminate the piece more attractively. A good base, also supports and secures the piece so it’s stable while on display.


The base is made by slumping a single piece of clear ¼ inch thick glass over a ½ inch thick piece of fiber board. The vertical piece is glued to the clear base with E6000 adhesive.

This project required four firings. In the first one I made the smooth glass nuggets. In the second firing the nuggets were bonded together. In the third firing the glass was slumped to give the art a graceful curve. In the fourth firing I slumped the clear base.

It seems like a lot of effort for a small, simple looking piece. Here’s something I’ve learned with my over 35 year experience as a glass artist. The truth is: the simpler a piece looks the more effort it took. It also means the piece is well executed and has a finished quality that draws admiration. So don’t underestimate the value of simple. It’s a compliment to the artist and your commitment to excellence in your art.

Don’t let this multiple process assembly deter you. Every firing is an exciting step toward a beautiful sculptural piece of art all your own.

Watch the On Cloud Nine video here:

Except from my Sculptural Fused Glass video.

Wherever you are in your artistic journey, you’re doing great! Keep up the terrific work.

Happy Fusing!


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