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Stay-cation Summer 2020

Most summers we go on a week-long family vacation to Lake George in New York State for quality time with my family and fun water activities. This year we planned to spend our vacation week with Joe’s side of the family.

Last week we were supposed to be in West Virginia for a family reunion to celebrate his dad’s 80th birthday. Unfortunately, Pop was reluctant to travel and so the trip was canceled. So instead, we stayed home and enjoyed activities that bring people from other states to sunny Florida.


It took me half the week to forget about work. By Wednesday though, I was weaned off my computers and happily engrossed in a new book. We relaxed on the beach and cooled off in the sparkling turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico. While there, my husband went fishing on the pier where he caught mackerel and lost his live bait to playful dolphins. We had a picnic and drank iced beer from a cooler. It was wonderful to “get away,” and be rejuvenated by the therapeutic power of the ocean.


Another day we went kayaking in salty mangroves. We saw majestic osprey gliding in the blue sky and a mama manatee and her baby drifting in the warm channel. Our dogs were happy to be included. They love car rides, boating and just being with the family.


To liven up our paradise style vacation, we dressed in bright Hawaiian prints and went out to dinner to an island themed restaurant. We listened to island music, drake sweet cocktails and ate crispy coconut shrimp.

Crafts are a summertime tradition for me. When I was a kid my family and I spent our summers in a tiny cabin nestled deep in the tall pines of the Adirondack mountains. Each year my mom would let me pick out a craft project to pass the time between my friends visits. I continued the craft tradition with my girls, and so we took a trip to the craft store to buy art supplies. We haven’t made the mosaic tray yet, but we have that project to look forward to.


For my craft project I set aside time to draw. I know, I draw all the time. This was different though because it had nothing to do with making glass art and it wasn’t a drawing intended for another medium. I kept it simple. The sketch was the art. And even better, I drew an image from a summertime childhood memory I’ve saved in my mind for years. It’s not done yet, but I can see the finished scene as clearly as if it were already popping off the page.


My creativity didn’t stop there. I also worked on a personal essay I’ve been writing for months. Last week I dedicated time to make it tighter and put a polish on my words. It was a huge accomplishment to finish it, as I plan to submit the essay to a competition in September.

In the kitchen we cooked culinary delights you’d expect to find in gourmet restaurants. We cooked tequila marinated chicken and served it with tangy, homemade mango salsa. Another night we broiled scallops and had crab stuffed mushrooms on the side.  My family really enjoyed the new flavorful dishes. I know because everything was gone in minutes.

YES! A piece is missing! Lost and gone forever.

When was the last time you assembled a jigsaw puzzle? It’s a family vacation thing we do every year. The kids built a round puzzle on the coffee table. The intricate image featured a vibrant underwater scene with tropical reef fish and dolphins. I’m always amazed how much fun it is to find the right piece and lock it in place. Building puzzles is therapeutic. It takes your mind off your problems. Plus, it’s a terrific group activity where all ages can participate and proudly contribute to the finished puzzle.

Niki and Cru

Our family vacation week wouldn’t be complete without a horse day. We loaded chairs and a cooler into the truck and drove to the barn for my daughter’s lesson. It was hot, but the shade of big oak trees kept us cool and out of the sun. Niki had a productive ride with improvements on every level. After the lesson, Jessie and I had fun playing with the frisky kittens that live there.

Towards the end of the week we enjoyed working in the yard. I weeded the front beds while Joe trimmed the hedges. I’m not sure if Jake, my awesome son-in-law, enjoyed the yard work as much as we did. He pressure washed the driveway and sidewalk. Let me tell you, our driveway is long, and it gets longer when you start to pressure wash. He did a great job. The pavement is now bright and clean. After the yard work we soaked in the hot tub and watched songbirds swing from my bird feeders.

The last day we designated as a relax day. That was the hardest day of all. Sitting around is exhausting for doers like us. I’m glad we forced ourselves to lounge around and chill. In the end, those small changes in routine are what made the week different and special.

At the end of the week my screen time was down 30%. My emails piled up, but that’s okay. Even though we didn’t change states, the change of attitude along with the vacation atmosphere we created relaxed and rejuvenated our spirits. I’m now inspired and excited to start and complete new projects that I’ve been planning.

The lesson I learned is this, don’t underestimate the power of little things to elevate your mood. Make time to nurture yourself. Restructure your days. Find joy in ordinary things and it will improve your perspective and overall well being.

You got this!

Get creative,


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