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Telling Stories with Pictures


For as long I can remember, I’ve loved taking pictures. My parents gave me my first camera, a Pentax 35mm when I was in middle-school. It was winter in NJ. There wasn’t much in the way of colorful scenery to photograph at that cold, gray time of year. My parents took me on a special day trip to the shore, a 2 hour drive each way, just to take pictures. Up north we called the beach the shore. Don’t ask me why. It’s a Jersey thing.

It tuned out the shore was just as disappointing as home. The sky was low, and cloud covered. The water was a lifeless steel gray and the beach was barren of any ocean treasures worth focusing on. But that didn’t stop me from composing my own creative story in pictures.


There happened to be a random cement, three-step staircase dumped in the middle of the beach. There was no hint that a building had ever stood on that stretch of public beach. I wondered how the heavy steps had gotten there and why the unsightly debris hadn’t been hauled away. But then I studied it closer and saw beauty in the pattern of the pitted concrete sides. I admired the sharp, angular shape and how it contrasted to the soft sand banked around the base.


I wondered about the massive storm, and the incredible energy that delivered the heavy steps here. I speculated about the heartbreaking loss that likely accompanied such an unfortunate incident. With that backstory in mind, the lonely giant became fascinating and a worthy focal point for my beach photo shoot.


I’d gotten away from taking pictures for artistic purposes. Instead, I’d been putting all of my creative energy into making glass art and writing. We recently started canoeing rivers and mangrove mazes. The abundant wildlife and natural beauty of the water has inspired me to start taking pictures again. I see photography as another way to connect and share experiences.


Now that I’ve unleashed the monster, every moment and event is a photo opportunity. This awakening lead to the purchase of a new camera. My new Nikon D3500, far exceeds the quality of my previous equipment in clarity, sharpness and color. The increased depth and precision is like having a brand new, educated vocabulary to express myself and tell stories. With this expanded language, I’m motivated to compose pictures that impart emotion, pulse with positive energy and spark a sense of wonder.


It’s no surprise that my first choice for my first outing with my new camera was the beach. That’s what we call the shore here in sunny, Florida. This time it was my hubby, Joe who sat patiently while I took more than 600 pictures. I’ve come full circle. But I’m not done. Let’s go around again…

I hope you enjoy these recently written photo stories.


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