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Is Fused Glass Food Safe?

Food Safety Warning: Some fusing glass and other fusible materials are not food safe.

Glass manufacturers take this approach to fused glass and food safety.

When you fire their glass in your kiln, it is no longer their product. It is your product! And whatever you fire in your kiln can leave traces of chemicals, that could then contaminate your glass during firing. Before you can sell or use your product as a food-bearing surface you must have your own finished product tested and approved.

When using fused glass art as a food bearing surface do your own research to determine your comfort level with industry guidelines and the glass manufacturers recommendations. Below are resources I compiled on 7/5/2023.

Safety Data Sheets for Oceanside Glass Products

Is Bullseye Glass Food Safe?

Is Wissmach Kiln Glass Food Safe?

The responsibility to provide products that are safe for the public falls on you the artist. Do your part to educate your buyers and those you gift glass to. We got this!

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