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It’s Pumpkin Season!

Festive Fall Pumpkin How-to

What better way to usher in Autumn and welcome the bountiful harvest of Fall than with a spicy pumpkin bowl? And this tasty treat is so fast and easy to bake you’ll be tempted to fuse up an entire field full. Don’t let the subtle shading and intricate details of this piece fool you into thinking this project is time consuming. The beauty of this seasonal bowl is the speed and ease at which you can bring a rich combination of materials together to make a striking arrangement.

To make this elegant pumpkin bowl draw a 10 ½ inch circle on paper. Give your pumpkin shape be adding a few curves to the top and bottom of the circle. Using the pattern as a guide, cut layer 1 out of Marigold. Cut a second piece of glass, for layer 2 the same shape and size out of Yellow patterned glass. Cut a stem shape out of opal green glass for layer 3. Grind the cut pieces and test the fit for accuracy. After grinding, be sure to clean and dry all the ground glass pieces. I use plain water and a cotton towel. A single edge razor blade works well to remove any stubborn glue or paint based marker.


Create lush shadows and contours with frit.

Use a sifter to apply an even layer of red powder frit on top of the marigold layer. Concentrate the frit and make gradual curved lines that accentuate the plump roundness of a vine ripened pumpkin. Use a small, dry paint brush to perfect your curves. Stack the yellow pattern glass on the frit coated marigold base. Add the green stem and fuse. Slump the fused glass in a shallow mold.


Note: The finished size of this delightful pumpkin bowl is 10 ½ inches. The fused glass is slumped into a shallow 11-inch ceramic mold. You can make the pumpkin larger or smaller to fit any size or shape mold you have.


Fusing Guide

Segment 1: Ramp 300 F/hr to 1300 and hold 30 min.

Segment 2: Ramp 500F/hr to 1465 and hold 10 min.

Segment 3: Ramp 9999(AFAP*) to 960 and hold 40 min.

Segment 4: Cool to room temperature.

*As fast as possible

Slumping Guide

Segment 1: Ramp 300 F/hr to 1265 and hold 10 min.

Segment 2: Ramp 9999(AFAP*) to 960 and hold 40 min.

Segment 3: Cool to room temperature.

*As fast as possible

NOTE: Kilns fire differently. Test fire these guides in your kiln, adjust as needed.

Pumpkin Patch Bowl, 10 1/2 Inch

Oceanside Glasstile Uroboros Glass – System 96®

Marigold Opal, 60-355-96, 1 Sq. FT. for Base

Yellow Stringer & Frit on Clear, 13-2602-96, 1 Sq. Ft. for Top

Oasis Green Opal & Dark Green Opal, 60-77-96, Scrap for Stem

Cherry Red Transparent Frit, F1-151-96, Powder

Supplies Dust mask, sifter, 11-inch slumping mold

Check out the Pumpkin Patch Bowl Video! Pumpkin Patch Bowl Video Tutorial

Happy fusing!


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Fusing with Frit Webinar

October 1, 2020

Ramp up the visual intricacy of your glass art!

Clever glass fusers know that using strong line quality and bold color saturation in combination is an effective way to create stand-out works of art.

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In this comprehensive webinar, Lisa will show you how to apply several methods she employs to add the striking, painterly-quality she’s developed to improve the impact of your glass fusing projects.

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This class is for you! Any skill level can attend. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike will learn how to advance their glass fusing skills and expand their artistic style.

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“Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and freakishly talented. House, art, mosaic, her work – really fun and beautiful.” -Lorna

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Things that surprised the students about the class.

“I was surprised by the photo booth demo-it was very helpful.” -Joy

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