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Art Studio Refresh

Fall fever in Florida is a lot like spring fever for folks who live up north. As the weather shifts from sticky hot to dry crispness, I’m increasingly motivated to create new art in my studio. This surge of activity inevitably also leads to cleaning and rearranging supplies to improve efficiency and convenience.

This month I have the added task of preparing for my upcoming 4-day, hands-on Sculptural Fused Glass class. As much as I want the class to have it’s traditional rhythm, I’m stepping up my setup and organization to accommodate comfortable social distancing all while preserving the personal one-on-one attention my students look forward to. Thankfully, I have plenty of space and a system in place to maintain a safe, clean, limited contact experience for all. As always, I’m committed to ensuring each student has an exceptional educational experience in a relaxed, encouraging environment.

A good cleaning makes the creative juices flow.

Some of our pre-class prep included giving my worktables a fresh coat of white paint. We do this every few years. I love how this small housekeeping touch up transforms the entire building. The clean, clutter free work area makes the space even more inviting for creating. It’s like a huge blank canvas is calling me to design my next great masterpiece.

I’d paint the tables more often, but that means I have to clear the tables off first. The clutter may look like a collection of random supplies, but every pile is a special work-in-progress. I find the mass of ideas scattered about comforting. Each pile has the  potential to become something unexpected and spectacular. It’s like surrounding myself with magical treasures that I have the thrill of revealing.


Studio tools like saws and grinders were cleaned, tuned up and they’re now ready for action. The grinders have been moved apart to allow extra space between users. Hand tools and miscellaneous supplies have been organized into color coded sets. Each student will be assigned their own personal color for the entire week. There’s an upside here, no more bickering over who owns a particular Sharpie marker. And when a cap is left off and the marker dries out. Mm-hm. No passing the buck. You own it. It’s a good thing I have a pack of 12 on hand just in case we need extra.



We extended our cleaning efforts to include my glass inventory. We organized the sheet glass by color so it can be accessed quickly and easily. I like the way the glass racks look when they’re neat and tidy. It makes finding just the right color a breeze. We organized the scrap bins as well. We dumped the tiny pieces that clutter the bottom of the bins and then straightened the usable size pieces. The added level of organization makes access to small size pieces simpler and safer.


Color is my life.

I love frit! It may be small, but used creatively it can have a huge influence on the visual  impact of your fused glass art. I have no idea how many jars I have in stock, but it’s a lot. Over time, the shelves became a disorganized mix of colors and sizes. It was to the point where I only used the bottles in front. I gave up putting them away in any particular order. We took all the bottles off the shelves and sorted them by color and then by size. Oh my goodness what a difference that made in my workflow! Now, it’s a pleasure to collect bottles of frit for a project. I can find the glass color and frit size I want in seconds instead of agonizing minutes. Plus, it’s easier to maintain an accurate supply of my favorite colors.



Never a dull moment here.

Once the studio was clean and organized it inspired me to start a new project. In addition to preparing for my students I’ve been working on designing and building projects for a new webinar that will be available in November. The title and theme are still a work-in-progress. I promise, more details will be available soon. And so for now a creative storm has taken over my studio. There’s not an open space on the tables. They’re covered, corner-to-corner with projects in varying stages of completion. Some projects are made from a pattern I drew. Those usually represent complicated, multi-faceted assemblies. They can be time consuming, but thanks to the pattern they generally go together smoothly.

Then other project directions are material driven. I gather materials, pile them on the table and let them sit there until they generate an idea. I’m a multi-tasker. Working two different fabrication methods at the same time works for me. It keeps the lengthy process of developing an entire webinar engaging and fun, even when some of the project assembly is repetitive.

Sometimes, the best way to get re-inspired to work with your glass, is to just get out there and tinker. Leave expectations and rules at the door. Clean, organize, cut glass, or build a project. Do whatever draws your attention first. Soon, you’ll be gleefully lost in thought and on the marvelous path of discovery. There you’ll find the flame that first attracted you to the art and it’ll ignite your creative spirit.

Wherever you are in your creative journey you’re doing great! We develop at our own pace. Success is never giving up. Keep going. I believe in you!

Happy fusing!

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Fusing with Frit Webinar

October 1, 2020

Ramp up the visual intricacy of your glass art!

Clever glass fusers know that using strong line quality and bold color saturation in combination is an effective way to create stand-out works of art.

Now take such trustworthy techniques and sprinkle in gradient blends and subtle shading achieved using frit. You’ll be amazed just how quickly your artwork advances to a new, exciting level of sophistication.

In this comprehensive webinar, Lisa will show you how to apply several methods she employs to add the striking, painterly-quality she’s developed to improve the impact of your glass fusing projects.

I’ll demonstrate SEVEN projects in this Webinar, from sea turtles to flowering trees to beach scenes and more!

You’ll learn: how to evaluate a design to maximize the imagery, steps for successful fabrication and practical tips for building professional quality, finished pieces.

Along with my step-by-step instruction, you’ll also receive complete material lists and project-specific firing guides.

New Date! 

Sculptural Fused Glass, 4-Day, Hands-on Workshop

February 9-12, 2021

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Wesley Chapel, Florida, 4-Day, Hands-on, Class size is limited.

This is the turning-point workshop you’ve been waiting for.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like when I’m feeling the creative flow. Time flies. Hours pass in what I thought were minutes. My naturally distracted mind is focused on what my hands are doing, and nothing else. I get lost in my own world. When I return to reality, I feel rejuvenated and spiritually uplifted. That’s why I like sharing my studio space with others. I try to give them that experience and hope they feel the same inspiration and fulfillment I do. -Lisa

 This class is for you! Any skill level can attend. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike will learn how to advance their glass fusing skills and expand their artistic style.

 Join me and I’ll show you all the pro tips and tricks I use to make stunning 3-dimnesional art. You’ll learn how to combine advanced techniques in new ways to create extraordinary sculptural pieces of art.

You’ll leave class with several completed glass sculptures, my custom firing guides and a deeper understanding of sculptural fused glass fabrication. You’ll have the knowledge, confidence and inspiration you’ve been craving to take your artwork to the next level.

Materials are included, that’s a $150.00 value! Plus, a professional photo shoot of your artwork is also included.

Here’s what the students are saying about the workshop.

“Instruction was clear, help was always available, and Lisa’s explanation of the equipment was great.” -Sherry

“My favorite thing about the class was the friendly atmosphere that encouraged open thoughts and sharing ideas.” -Lyn

“I enjoyed making all the projects, especially the flow piece and the freedom to be creative with our work.”  -Joy

“My favorite thing about the class was the ability to see multiple pieces of art that originated from concepts taught.” -Vicki

“Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and freakishly talented. House, art, mosaic, her work – really fun and beautiful.” -Lorna

 “Incredible class. Lisa shared her artistic knowledge of color flow and her technical knowledge of glass.” -Larry

 “I had so much fun! Lisa is a great teacher!” -Brenda

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Downloadable instructional videos for every skill level.

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