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Welcome Summer! Bring the Beach Home

Sunny, relaxing summer days are here! It’s time for delicious family picnics, breezy boat rides and warm sand between your toes. This series of bowls combines simple lines, a pleasing color palate and a whimsical touch of nature with classic seaside style. Beach Day Bowls are perfect accents for creating beachy comfort in your home all summer long.

When I come across a pattern that really brings me joy, I like to recreate that design in different sizes. Then I display the companion pieces around my kitchen and family room to set a seasonal mood throughout our living space. If you’re attracted to this pattern, consider making it in a few different sizes to get the most out of the simple, yet stylized ocean theme.

Beach Day Bowls as seen in Artful Home with Lisa Vogt Video

How-to make the bowls.

These bowls are made with two layers of glass. The base layer is clear glass. The second, design layer is made up of cut glass pieces. Start by cutting the clear base.

Enlarge the pattern to your desired dimension. Use the pattern as a guide to cut the design layer. Cut the paper up. Glue it to the glass with a glue stick. Cut the glass as close to the paper pattern as possible to minimize the amount of grinding needed.

There are some deep, inside cuts in my pattern. Cut the glass as accurately as you can. Grind the pieces to improve the edge quality and overall fit of the design. Assemble the cut glass pieces on top of the clear base. Use fuser’s glue to affix the design layer to the base layer. It’s okay if your pieces don’t fit perfectly. Let the glue dry. This will prevent the glass from moving when you apply the frit.

Use a spoon and pour fine blue frit on top of the glass. Use a paint brush to move the frit into the gaps between the pieces to fill in the space and add a linear detail. Remove any excess frit by sweeping it off the glass. Be meticulous about your cleanup. Attention to detail make a difference. Doing your best work on every step will dramatically improve the quality of your finished artwork.

Beach Day Bowl as seen in Artful Home with Lisa Vogt

Use a razor knife and cut a bird footprint stencil out of stiff paper. I use file folders or poster board. You can also use plastic stencils available at your local craft store in the scrap booking department. Place the stencil on the area of the design that represents the sand. Sift powder brown frit over the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil off the glass.

Fire the assembled project to a full fuse temperature using the firing guide below.

Place the fused glass on a slumping mold and fire it to a slumping temperature using the guide below.

My bowls measure 10 inch x 10 inch, 6 inch x 6 inch and 4 inch by 4 inch. You can make these bowls in different sizes and get the same beautiful results.

Art Full Home Glass Fusing with Lisa Vogt Video


Beach Day Bowls as seen in my Artful Home video. This is only one 15 tropical projects in my full length video. Download it now at

Watch the Beach Day Bowls, YouTube video here:

Fusing Guide
Segment 1: Ramp 300 F/hr to 1300 and hold 30 min.
Segment 2: Ramp 500 F/hr to 1465 and hold 10 min.
Segment 3: Ramp 9999(AFAP*) to 960 and hold 40 min.
Segment 4: Cool to room temperature.
*As fast as possible

Slumping Guide
Segment 1: Ramp 300 F/hr to 1265 and hold 10 min.
Segment 2: Ramp 9999(AFAP*) to 960 and hold 40 min.
Segment 3: Cool to room temperature.
*As fast as possible.

NOTE: Kilns fire differently. Test fire these guides in your kiln and then make adjustments as needed.
 I hope these refreshing bowls bring you the comfort of easy, breezy, carefree summers and the joy of family gatherings.

Happy Fusing!

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Radiant Ribbons by Lisa Vogt


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Get ready to push boundaries, challenge old ideas and enjoy the thrill of limitless possibilities. Join glass artist Lisa Vogt in this comprehensive hands-on webinar, and learn how easy it is to use tried and true methods in unlikely, innovative ways!

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Radiant Ribbons combines dichroic glass and patterned rods into three wavy sections that create beautiful wall art, a dazzling focal point for any living space.

Leaves involves cutting and layering glass surrounded by bits of dichro. Depth is produced by having all of the component parts “floating” in frit and edged in solid color to construct a scene reminiscent of a shadow box.

Fun with Rods gives you the opportunity to fabricate a light and airy project with curvy slumped colored rods.

Plus, you’ll have the fun of kiln casting with murrini creating Hearts on Fire.

All of these techniques will produce dramatic results in your art, and take your work to an exciting new level of sophistication. Beginning and advanced fusers alike will find inspiration, motivation, and a renewed sense of artistic freedom by combining the ideas presented in this webinar.

And of course you’ll receive my custom firing guides.

Armed with your newfound skills, you’ll be incorporating these techniques into your work in no time, while expanding your creative visions. You’ll gain the cool confidence to turn your glass visions into reality. Don’t miss this great opportunity to take your work and inspiration to greater heights!

Currents as seen In Sculptural Fused Glass with Lisa Vogt

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This class is for you! Any skill level can attend. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students alike will learn how to advance their glass fusing skills and expand their artistic style.

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Materials are included, that’s a $150.00 value!

May 2021 Student Testimonials  
 “My favorite thing about the class was the creative freedom – we were not required to make the same thing the same way. I was surprised by the variety and number items we made and the flexibility we had to go our own way with our projects. The glass studio was very comfortable and very clean with plenty of room.” -Ron

“My favorite thing about the class was the projects were tailored to our interests with user specific glass choices and design options. This makes the best type of learning environment. I loved the continued technical information that was used in daily discussions. Loved the amount of space we had for working and the use of top-quality tools and the hands-on assistance Lisa gave each one of us. You will hear and see me again. Thank you for your time and talent.” – Donna  

 “My favorite thing about the class was the creativity – putting things together in new ways – using different materials – and how welcome I felt. I was surprised how much we were able to get done and by Lisa’s ability to coach those of us on different levels. My least favorite part was that the class ended. The classroom setup was excellent – well organized. I really feel like Lisa gave me the tools to advance to a new level. It was worth the cost of the workshop, airfare, B&B, animal care and house sitting! Can’t wait to put what I leaned into practice and return for another workshop.” -Sue

April 2021 Student Testimonials  

“My favorite thing about the class was being more creative and learning how to set up and see the big picture. I was surprised we had so many options. Lisa was available, patient and shared her knowledge. The classroom was awesome in size with adequate tools. All the tools were explained which made me more confident using them. My least favorite thing about the class was leaving. Nice surroundings. Nice family. Thanks for everything!” -Leslie

“My favorite thing about the class was our choice of glass colors, the relaxed pace, and how organized everything was. I was surprised how wonderfully flexible everything was. Lisa has an excellent teaching style. Her class has a very pleasant, non-stress atmosphere.” -Sue 

“My favorite thing about the class was making the 3 piece ladder and 2 piece basket weave sculptures. My least favorite thing was the outside tent and Florida humidity. Lunch was great-thank you!” -Pat

February 2021 Student Testimonials  

“I feel I got the movement toward developing my own creativity this week. I was surprised that the things I already knew fit into the new knowledge I was getting in this class. Lisa is an excellent teacher who is tuned into what is going on in the class. She puts no pressure on the students when I know she could when we were dragging our feet. I was absolutely comfortable with the classroom set up and cleanliness of the studio. Will see you again soon.” -Judy

November 2020 Student Testimonials  

“There is a wealth of material, tools and possible projects. Lisa is very motivating, informative, and supportive. The variety of materials is amazing. The number of projects we made in 4 days is beyond what I expected. The classroom set up was very well organized. I felt completely comfortable and safe with plenty of space and sanitizer. This class was beyond my expectations.” -Jane

“My favorite thing was Lisa’s knowledge and wealth of information. I was surprised by how many projects we made. I was very comfortable with the classroom set up and loved everything about this class. I learned so much and it was fun. My least favorite part was Friday at 4:00 pm.” -Liz

“My favorite thing about this class was the variety of glass and other materials. Unlimited dichroic! I was comfortable with the classroom set up; Lisa had lots of little personal touches that made it special. Thanks for the wonderful lunches!” -Gail
Student comments from previous classes.
“My favorite part about the class was the non-stop building and the generous amount of materials available. What surprised me about the class was how full the schedule was. Usually, you do 1 project. We did 5 in 4 days. Thank you so much for your generosity.”   -Christine 

 “My favorite part about the class was the variety of projects we made. What surprised me was the number of projects we completed. Awesome experience – will come again in the future.” -Monica

“Instruction was clear, help was always available, and Lisa’s explanation of the equipment was great.” -Sherry

“My favorite thing about the class was the friendly atmosphere that encouraged open thoughts and sharing ideas.” -Lyn

“I enjoyed making all the projects, especially the flow piece and the freedom to be creative with our work.”  -Joy

“My favorite thing about the class was the ability to see multiple pieces of art that originated from concepts taught.” -Vicki

“Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and freakishly talented. House, art, mosaic, her work – really fun and beautiful.” -Lorna

 “Incredible class. Lisa shared her artistic knowledge of color flow and her technical knowledge of glass.” -Larry

 “I had so much fun! Lisa is a great teacher!” -Brenda

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