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I can’t thank you enough!

You’re Awesome!

I can’t thank you enough for your constant support and encouragement!

Artists truly are the most generous, giving, positive people I know. I’ve been a working professional for more than 30 years. I’m continually impressed by the increasing level of thoughtfulness and support I receive from fellow artists around the world. It’s your kind encouragement that inspires me to try advanced techniques, design new projects and share my processes with you. When you take the time to write me short notes about your trials and successes it may feel like a small gesture to you. But it’s a huge thrill for me to be included in your artistic journey and share in your creative excitement.

I’m so excited to tell you, I reached 5000+ subscribers on my YouTube channel! In some markets that’s a tiny number. For me it’s a huge number! I’m more interested in quality than quantity. For me 5000+ subscribers is confirmation that our art glass community is alive, strong, growing, and hungry for more fun and informative material.

I’m also excited to tell you, I reached 2000+ subscribers on my Art Adventure Blog! Again, for some that’s a tiny number. For me it’s huge! Over 2000 glass artists enjoy getting weekly encouragement in the form of how-to articles, tips for better work practices and regular updates on what’s happening here in my glass studio. I appreciate all the demands on your attention and on your time. In my blog I strive to bring your relevant information you can use to improve all aspects of your artistic life.

Visits to my website have also increased. In response to your growing interest I’m implementing new tools to make your experience on my website more rewarding. In the top banner under the Studio News tab you’ll quickly find current information on my upcoming events, webinars, and classes. Under the new Testimonials tab you can read my students’ class experiences. On the right-hand sidebar, I’ve added a Top Blog Posts category so you can easily access the most popular posts. The list is updated every two days so check back often. If you prefer to read my blogs in chronological order, there’s a Recent Blog Posts list of quick links located on the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. I recently added two new photo categories to the sidebar, Fused Glass Art Gallery and Leaded Glass Doors. I hope you enjoy browsing the vibrant images and comparing the many different design styles.

More exciting news! I’ve added several new, super fun Artwear designs to my website store. I designed these lively T-shirts, Eco-tote bags and sassy mugs with YOU in mind. There’s no shortage of color or pizazz here. There’s something for everyone. As artists, we love to inspire creativity and spread happiness. With these energetic Artwear designs you can spark imaginations outside your studio. Consider yourself an art ambassador. Show and share your passion for glass with the world every day.

My thank-you gift to you for your love and support is this Sparkling Heart tutorial. Happy fusing!

Sparkling Heart how-to.

Stainless steel cookie cutters are great molds for fun, fast and easy fused glass projects. You can find a variety of styles and shapes online. I’m particularly fond of the heart shape because of it’s universal message of hope and love. With a little prep you can make one of these dazzling hearts in just a few minutes.

An important thing to remember when using a stainless steel mold is that during the cooling phase of the firing the stainless steel mold will cool faster than the glass. In effect, the stainless steel with contract sooner than the hot glass. Without proper padding the stainless steel mold will break the fused glass as it cools. It’s easy to prevent breakage by lining the inside of the metal mold with 1/8 in thick fiber paper. This barrier is a cushion that protects the fused glass. I then add a second liner of Thinfire fiber paper. The Thinfire reduces glass dragging and the formation of pointy edges. With the Thinfire you’ll have a beautiful, smooth, round finished looking heart edge.

Let’s get started.

Sparkling Heart by Lisa Vogt

The prep.
Line the inside of the stainless steel cookie cutter with the 1/8 in. thick fiber paper. Cut the paper to size with a scissor. Butt the ends together. Don’t overlap the 1/8 in. thick fiber paper or it will alter the shape of the heart. Line the inside of the 1/8 in thick fiber paper with a strip of Thinfire fiber paper. Cut the Thinfire to size with a scissor. It’s okay to overlap the Thinfire a little. Hold the two fiber paper liners in place with a few strips of clear tape.

Place the lined stainless steel mold on a small, kiln washed, or fiber paper covered kiln shelf.

Sparkling Heart by Lisa Vogt

Fill the mold.

Place a layer of clear mosaic size glass pieces in the bottom of the mold. It’s not necessary to completely cover the bottom with the clear glass. As the glass melts it will fill any holes. Sprinkle a few pinches of Mardi gras confetti glass on top of the clear glass. Add another layer of clear glass. Drop a few pieces of gold pink confetti glass into the mold. Add a few pieces of dichroic glass. Repeat the clear layer, pink layer and dichroic layers until the mold is full to the top of the fiber paper liner.

Full fuse the glass using the guide below. Let the glass and mold cool to room temperature before removing them from the kiln. Grind the tip of the heart flat. Glue the heart on to a glass base with E6000. Enjoy!

Sparkling Heart by Lisa Vogt

Quick tips for bright shinny hearts.

Use more clear glass than color glass to ensure you have adequate transparency that enhances the beauty and thickness of the heart.

Use dichroic glass sparingly. A little sparkle goes a long way. Too much dichroic glass makes the heart dark and muddy.

Don’t overfill the mold past the fiber paper liner or the glass may stick to the stainless steel mold and cause breakage.

Use dark glass colors in moderation or the light won’t shine through the heart.

Allow the fused glass heart to cool completely before removing it from the kiln. The kiln controller may register a low temperature, but the internal temperature of the thick glass is hotter. Be patient. I promise, it’s worth the wait.

Sparkling Heart by Lisa Vogt

Full Fuse Firing Guide for projects smaller than 12 in.
Segment       Rate   Temp Hold
Segment 1    300     1300   45
Segment 2    500     1465   10
Segment 3    500     960     40
Let cool to room temperature.
*Kilns fire differently. Test fire this guide and make adjustments if needed.
**Temperatures are in degrees.
I used Oceanside Compatible COE 96 glass to make this heart.

Sparkling Heart on Mirror Base
Sparkling Heart by Lisa Vogt

Materials List
Heart shaped stainless steel cookie cutter 3 ½ in. x 3 ¾ in. x 1 1/8 in.
1/8 in. thick fiber paper strip cut 1 in. wide by 12 in. long
Thinfire fiber paper strip cut 1 in. wide by 12 in. long
Mardi Gras Mini Confetti Glass bits
Gold Pink Confetti Glass bits
Clear glass scrap cut into mosaic size pieces
Dichroic glass on clear scrap
Clear tape
2 in. x 2 in. base glass either clear or mirror backed.
E6000 adhesive

Watch the Sparkling Heart video here:

Thank you for spending part of your day here with me talking about the amazing medium we love.

Happy Fusing!


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