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6 Advanced Design Tips For Exciting Art

Excerpt from my, How to Think like an Artist Lecture.

You’re artistic, crafty, gifted, talented, whatever title you favor, like me, you’re a hands-on creative who loves making exciting art. Being a veteran member of this inspired group, it’s likely you already apply some of these design concepts in your work and in your everyday life. My intention here is to bring to light the increased value of purposefully incorporating these ideas in all of your artistic endeavors. 

Stand-out glass art is the result of careful planning and mindful execution. Yes, it takes forethought. But once you see the incredible benefits a little preparation can bring, you’ll actually enjoy the process as much as I do.  

Elements of good design that’ll take your glass artwork to the next level.

1. Rule of thirds.

This rule refers to the way the artistic composition of a piece of art is planned and laid out. Begin by dividing the project shape into three even pieces vertically and horizontally. Think of it like the lines of an imaginary tic-tact-toe board are superimposed over the project. Then place design elements along the imaginary lines, or better yet where two lines intersect. This placement creates desirable tension that engages the viewer and therefore holds their attention much longer.

Unless the design is geometric, avoid placing design elements in the center of the artwork. This type of symmetry creates a calming setting that’s easily ignored.

Rule of thirds.

2. Work in odd numbers.

When designing your pattern include an odd number of design elements. If you’re drawing flowers, have 3, 5 or 7 blossoms. This pleasing setup meets the viewer’s expectation, plus it amps up the tension and the repeat adds continuity to the overall design. 

Work in odd numbers.

3. Include a focal point.

Every design can benefit from having a focal point. The focal point can be literal and pictorial like a bird or tree. Or it can be abstract like a specific design element, an unexpected shape, a field of contrasting color or an unusual texture. Focal points anchor the viewer to the art. They lure them in and invite them to stay awhile and look around to see how the focal point relates to the remainder of the artwork. 

Include a focal point.

4. Place design elements in a triangular fashion.

Placing design elements in a triangular pattern creates a visual flow that encourages the viewer’s eyes to move around the design. Your artist guidance, in the form of strategically placed design elements, is a personal invitation to interact and communicate with the viewer. That’s powerful stuff!  

Place elements in a triangle.

5. Repeat shapes, elements, and patterns.

If you use a shape, design element or pattern in one place consider repeating it two more times. For example, if a circle appears in one place, add two more. This level of planning shows your commitment to your design and the confidence you have in your work. Plus, it adds continuity that raises the sophistication level of the work as a whole.

6. Repeat colors.

Repeat colors.

Color plays an important role in the visual impact of art. It sets the tone and mood for the work. It also unifies the piece. You can increase the dramatic impact of your work by repeating colors at least three times. This adds continuity and shows the artist’s higher level of seriousness and commitment to the art.

When selecting colors plan to use multiple shades of the same color, like yellow, sunflower yellow, light amber, medium amber and dark amber in combination to create shading and add contrast.

Small changes have a BIG impact!  

When you stop to think about it, it’s likely you’re using many of these concepts every day. When you decorate the coffee table you arrange three candles in a corner, not in the middle. The candles are likely three different heights that visually forms a triangle. You selected candle colors that are repeated in your decor.

Now, put it all together. Purposely apply these simple design tips when making your glass art and you’ll see a wonderful increase in the beauty and desirability of your finished artwork.

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Carnival by Lisa Vogt

Peacock by Lisa Vogt

Happy Fusing!


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