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Pro Tips for Making Amazing Sculptural Fused Glass Artwork

You’ve enjoyed success making the usual plates, bowls and vases following practices and guidelines laid out by the experts. But the element of surprise and the thrill of the unexpected success is missing. If you find yourself blindly staring at the glass wishing for inspiration, then it’s time to take your glass art to the next level.

Make art that excites you again.

Sculpture romances the viewer. It pulls them in like a magnet. Give your art unique shape and the viewer will be hooked. With so many fusing materials at your disposal, it’s never been easier to get creative with your art’s profile. The easiest way to get unique shapes is to drape fiber material over an existing slumping mold. Give the fiber paper exaggerated contours by tucking kiln posts or fiber board between the mold and the fiber.

You can also achieve new shapes by combining different ceramic or stainless steel slumping molds together. Some of my most exciting pieces are made this way.

If you’re shy to jump in, build a sample out of clear glass. Make the sample the same shape, size, and thickness as the intended project. Clear is the best choice because it’s the least expensive glass. And you can see through it to see where the glass rests on the mold assembly. Then you’re able to make adjustments to the final piece as needed. Plus, there’s no waste. The clear sample can be smashed and used for casting filler. It’s a win, win.    

The wonderful thing about this technique is every piece of glass you slump has a one-of-a-kind profile. They are your own personalized original. Now that’s exciting! 

Get crazy and combine techniques and you have a showstopper.

The biggest drawback to this in-depth approach is the amount of time necessary to plan an exceptional project. True, not all projects warrant this much effort. But if you work in stages on a few, you’ll find the outcome is extremely rewarding.

How to get started.

Start by studying finished art that you find attractive. Define what it is about the piece that appeals to you. Is it the shape, the colors, the pattern, or the design? Take that element and put it aside temporarily. Maybe loosely sketch it out on paper for quick reference later. Do this for three individual pieces of art.

Small details can have a huge impact on the visual appearance of your art. Don’t underestimate the power of minor changes to customary pieces. When trying to navigate a new territory, you’ll have the greatest success if you take what has worked for you in the past and then expand on it to create something all new and unexpected.

Pattern and shape are two of the simplest elements that can easily be manipulated to dramatically increase the appeal of fused glass art. By adding unique patterns and building new shapes you can draw the viewer in and lock their attention tight. In the end, isn’t that our ultimate goal, to inspire people?

Here’s how.

Anchor the viewer’s eye with an interesting pattern. Unexpected bubbles are usually considered undesirable. But when made into a uniform design, bubbles can add a whole new dimension to the glass art. Designing withbubbles is a terrific way to add decoration and a little sparkle. Light dances inside the tiny dome shapes which increases the appearance of depth and the overall intricacy of the finished piece.

Making small, 2” x 2” test pieces will give you an opportunity to try unusual color combinations. It also builds confidence because you know what to expect when you go bigger. The best part of this technique is the possibilities for imaginative designs are endless. Try it. You’ll be blown away!

Design developer.

Take it a step further and create your own designs. Go back to the three pieces of art you studied earlier. Take the three elements that attracted you and combine them with a unique pattern and a sculptural shape. Now you’re on the threshold of greatness!

These are just a few examples you can employ to expand your artistic range. If you’re ready to rush into your studio, excited about the possibilities, don’t stop here. These techniques have great potential for expansion in so many directions. Take them and run and set your imagination free.   

Are you ready to take your art to the next level? Want personalized instruction and guidance? Join me February 21-24, 2023, for my Sculptural Fused Glass Class.

Wherever you are in your journey you are doing great! Keep creating!

What Students Say

“Outstanding workshop! I loved the organization of class and materials and the individualized instruction. Lisa is able to keep each student with different abilities moving along and creating beautiful pieces. I was surprised how much we accomplished in the class.” – Susan D.

“My favorite thing about the class was everything! Really enjoyed the diversity of the projects and getting to work on so many in one week. I was surprised by how much I learned and how quickly time passed each day. I also enjoyed the personalized instruction.
“Lisa, you did an awesome job of keeping on task during the workshop and also it was very inspiring and relaxing to create in your atmosphere.” – Lisa R.

“My favorite thing about the class was learning how to make sculptures, the different techniques, and all the different aspects of working with the glass. Lisa was very informative and very knowledgeable. She is an excellent teacher, and I will come back for another class.” – Terry G.

Happy Fusing!


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