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Fusing for the Adventurous – Take Your Artwork to the Next Level

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What makes artwork stand out?

Have you noticed that some art glass pieces don’t hold your interest? While others draw you in like a fish on a line and hold you captive. You study the shape, admire the colors, marvel over the pattern. You try to figure out how the pieces were made.

I’ve studied the same pieces with the same level of curiosity. It made me wonder, what’s the secret to making exceptional art? After careful consideration, I’ve concluded there are just 2 features that make artwork memorable.

The two features are unique form and dramatic imagery.

Let’s break these down and identify how they impact the visual attraction of artwork.

Unique Form

Shape has a powerful effect on the level of attraction. Giving your work an unusual shape will immediately draw the attention of viewers. The simplest and easiest way to make stand out art is to give geometric shapes an organic profile. Notch the straight edges of a square. And a graceful curve to the straight edges of a rectangle. Scallop a circle to give a floral look.

Then take it a step farther and slump the art over a mold to give it a sculptural flare. Combine different molds together to make shapes all your own. Drape fiber paper or fiber blanket over the molds for more interesting results.

Another easy way to give glass artwork a sculptural presence is to create your own fused glass stand. Artsy bases add lift, they allow light to pass under and around the glass, and they increase the perceived value of the finished artwork.

Dramatic Imagery

Paintings are usually made on plain rectangular canvases. But what makes famous pieces of art memorable? It’s the picture of course. It doesn’t matter if the subject is abstract or pictorial. It’s the way the artist renders the image that makes it exciting and unforgettable.

Next time you design a piece of fused glass consider including a recognizable image in your work. This anchors the viewers eye and engages them longer than a piece without a focal point. Also, rendering the image in unexpected colors or with pattern increases the visual desirability. 

The secret to fine art revealed.

For exceptional art that’ll have people talking, combine both unique form and dramatic imagery. This more involved approach is what sets real artists apart from hobbyists and it’s what elevates their work from craft to fine art.  

Are you ready to take your artwork to the next level?

Learn how easily you can immediately apply these concepts to your work to take it to the next level. Join me for my upcoming, Fusing for the Adventurous Webinar, Thursday March 9, 2023 for more in-depth fusing tips and tricks that’ll get your work noticed.

For live guided instruction on how to apply these ideas join me for my next webinar, Fusing for the Adventurous on Thursday March 9, 2023.

Happy Fusing!


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Fusing for the Adventurous Webinar

March 9, 2023

Get ready to push boundaries, challenge old ideas and enjoy the thrill of limitless possibilities. Join glass me in this comprehensive hands-on webinar, and learn how easy it is to use tried and true methods in unlikely, innovative ways!

With 4 major projects and a few bonus pieces, you’ll get more than you bargained for!

Radiant Ribbons combines dichroic glass and patterned rods into three wavy sections that create beautiful wall art, a dazzling focal point for any living space.

Leaves involves cutting and layering glass surrounded by bits of dichro. Depth is produced by having all of the component parts “floating” in frit and edged in solid color to construct a scene reminiscent of a shadow box.

Fun with Rods gives you the opportunity to fabricate a light and airy project with curvy slumped colored rods.

Plus, you’ll have the fun of kiln casting with murrini creating Hearts on Fire.

All of these techniques will produce dramatic results in your art, and take your work to an exciting new level of sophistication. Beginning and advanced fusers alike will find inspiration, motivation, and a renewed sense of artistic freedom by combining the ideas presented in this webinar.

 And of course you’ll be provided with my custom firing guides.

Armed with your newfound skills, you’ll be incorporating these techniques into your work in no time, while expanding your creative visions. You’ll gain the cool confidence to turn your glass visions into reality. Don’t miss this great opportunity to take your work and inspiration to greater heights!

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