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How To Design Striking Fused Glass Art From Your Scrap!

No Waste! That’s just one of the many great things I love about glass fusing! Even the tiniest piece of glass is usable/fusible.

It takes a lot more glass to build elaborate designs with intricate shapes than it does to build designs with simple square shapes. With the rising cost of material always in mind I want to get as much use out of my sheet glass as possible. Rather than let the cost of material inhibit my creative direction I trust in the process. While fabricating the project at hand I keep an eye out for interesting new design ideas that develop along the way.

Octopus Tray

This flowing octopus design is an amazing example of how to repurpose cut offs. The movement of the tentacles combined with the vivid blue background and painterly quality of the frit make it so fun to build.

When I have a design idea in mind I draw the pattern without limitations. Then I decide on the best fabrication method to achieve the artistic look I want. I enjoy cutting glass by hand with my pistol grip cutter. I actually use my saw as little as possible and save it for deep cuts that would otherwise be impossible. But the ring saw was my tool of choice to get the smooth, graceful shapes I believed would bring this design to life.

The sweeping glass curls cut from the background of the octopus were prefect for a new complimentary design. I love the octopus tray for its whimsical design and its striking color. It’s a one-of-a-kind and should be appreciated as such. I wanted to created something different with the cutoffs, something equally as exciting and unique.

High Contrast Colors Get Attention

When approaching this piece I felt the distinctive shapes of the dark blue curls would carry the design. All these pieces needed was a simple, uncluttered field to perform their magic. I love the way the sweeping tentacles appear to come from behind and embrace the white glass. It contrasts the Octopus Tray where the design originates in the middle and spreads to the perimeter. The high contrast colors combined with the graceful shapes elevate the elegance of the finished piece of art.

In the future, when you’re looking for inspiration look no further than your scrap bin. There’s a literal gold mine of ideas just waiting to be discovered. Get cutting!

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Happy Fusing!


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