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Inspire Your Creativity Beyond Basic!

What makes my Premium Video Subscription different?

My premium videos are comprehensive project specific fused glass courses. My artist designed artwork is intended to inspire your creativity well beyond the introductory stack and fuse level. In my premium videos I show how easy it is to use advanced techniques with guided step-by-step video instruction. I include pro tips and suggestions to improve your workflow. You also receive my custom developed firing guides, a glass list and material list.

PLUS, each video comes complete with a complimentary 8.5 x 11-inch printable pattern eBook that includes color images, full size project pattern, firing guides and pro tips.

These video releases contain exclusive content that is only available to Premium Video Members and as paid project singles. They’re not available to the public on YouTube.

What makes my YouTube videos different?

My YouTube videos are short video trailers that briefly cover topics of interest. These free posts are my way of giving back and supporting the art glass community by inspiring continued creativity. They’re also opportunities for new fusers to become familiar with my teaching style and receive a personal invitation to join my premium video membership.     

Why join my Premium Video Membership?

As a member you support my creative lifestyle. You afford me the freedom to develop innovative pieces of art designed to excite your creative spirit.

Over the past two months, Niki and I have met our editorial goals. Each month we produced and published 2 new premium videos, 4 YouTube Vlog videos, 4 YouTube how-to videos, 4 blogs and 4 newsletters.

We have no intention of slowing down.

I would not be able to bring this amount of fun content to you without Niki’s dedicated help. Your monthly, monthly plus and premium annual membership makes it possible for us to work together. Your membership provides funds for glass, electricity, my website, design programs, lunch, cookies for our hungry pups, hay for Niki’s horses and shoes for my adorable grand babies.  

With your help and support we will meet our goals again in August, and the rest of this year.

Watch the Premium Video Membership Video Here!

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Happy Fusing!


You’re Invited to Join Me for these Upcoming Webinars!

Fused Glass Sculptures Webinar

August 17, 2023

Creating striking sculptural fused glass forms is easy when you know the professional tips and tricks!

Join me in this comprehensive webinar and learn how easily you can put tried and true methods to use in unlikely ways, to create extraordinary sculptural art.

In this in-depth webinar, you’ll learn pro tips and tricks for better glass cutting. See how to mix different fusible materials to make more elaborate designs.

You’ll be amazed how using standard slumping molds in unique ways can drastically improve the shape of your art.

You’ll be inspired by the innovative combination of ordinary techniques I share.

You’ll be confident to fuse glass after seeing how easy it is to load, program and fire a kiln.

Best of all, you’ll have an exclusive technical advantage with the advanced understanding of my dependable firing programs. And you’ll love the stunning three-dimensional results you can achieve by fusing all of these concepts together.

Enjoy the thrill of limitless possibilities.

Beginner and advanced students alike will find inspiration, motivation and renewed artistic freedom from seeing the step-by-step construction of more than 5 sculptural projects in this webinar.

After this exciting webinar you’ll have the professional knowledge and increased confidence to incorporate these innovative methods in your new work.

In addition, you’ll have a working knowledge of kiln operation, custom firing guides, and a deeper understanding of sculptural glass fusing fabrication.

You’ll have the burning desire, and the cool self-confidence, to take your passion to greater heights.

I hope you’ll join me August 17, 2023!

Lustrous Lanterns Webinar

September 7, 2023

Light up with me! Create colorful luminaries to brighten your home, office, porch, or anywhere else you’d enjoy the comforting glow of a dazzling accent light.

In this comprehensive live event, I’ll show you how to make 6 sparkling fused glass lanterns. You’ll learn how easily you can construct and build stunning 3-D lamps. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the many stages of construction, including pattern preparation, glass cutting, project assembly, fusing, slumping, and how to “cold fuse” the lanterns together.

You’ll also be shown how to finish the lanterns with custom, professional quality glass display bases. In addition, I’ll share how to utilize ready-made clear glass candle shelters to make fast and easy pick-me-ups. I also show several quick and simple methods for lighting your beautiful new creations. Along with detailed instruction, you’ll receive 6 full-size lantern patterns, my project-specific firing guides, and supply list.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced glass fusers alike will love the wide variety of unique shapes and elegant new patterns,  custom designed to enrich any decor. Join me to rekindle your creative spark with lustrous lanterns designed to set your artistic imagination aglow.   

Premium Videos by Lisa

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