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How to Make a Fancy Springtime Egg

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Colorful eggs are a cheery symbol of spring. The oval shape is simple yet elegant which makes it a terrific profile for decorating. Best of all, this little darling can be used to brighten your home year-after-year.

Sometimes, it’s fun to start a project with a blank canvas. I leave expectations at the door and let my materials inspire my design. This relaxed approach allows me to enjoy the purity of the process, and happily get lost in my work.

You can get happily lost in your work too. I’ll share how I made my design, but I encourage you to add your own touches. Change the pattern a bit to make something that reflects your personal taste and design style.

Egg How-to:

Cut an oval shaped base out of clear glass. Cut strips of opal glass colors, of your choice, for the design layer. Cut a variety of widths for a more visually interesting combination. Arrange the strips on the clear base. Tuck twisted cane between some of the cut glass strips for an airy, three-dimensional look. Cut the glass strips and twisted cane to size. Mosaic nippers can be used to cut the cane.

Glue the design layer to the base layer with a small amount of fuser’s glue.

To make the accent layer, cut murrine rods into ¼ inch long pieces with mosaic nippers. Arrange the murrine on the design layer to make springy flowers and cute dots. Add twisted cane for a more elaborate pattern. You can also include stingers, noodles, nuggets and dichroic glass bits to liven up your design.

Slump the fused glass egg in a mold using the firing guide below.

Here’s another fun design idea made by Niki’s creative husband, Matt.

Enjoy your cheery, hand-decorated egg all season long.

Spring egg: 8 inch x 11 inch oval

Base: Clear glass

Design Layer: Assorted opal colors & twisted cane.

Accent Layer: Nipped murrine & twisted cane.

Happy Fusing!


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