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Spontaneous Creating in my Glass Studio

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The truth is, I never have a shortage of ideas for new glass projects. My problem is I don’t have enough time to make everything I dream up. For that reason, when I go out to my studio, I have a plan and a good idea of what I want to make.

Recently, my daughter Niki and I went into the studio with the intention of creating something spontaneously just for fun. Niki has been influential in encouraging me to sometimes work on impulse. I have to admit when in front of the camera, it’s hard for me to turn off my teacher persona and be natural. I’ve been teaching for more than 35 years. You don’t just turn it off. But Niki keeps telling me to be authentic. Kids!

How am I doing?  

We’ve been videoing with this more relaxed style for a few weeks now and I’m enjoying the flexibility.  I’m sharing my laid back creative process in my new Vlog videos. You can watch them on my YouTube channel and on my website.

The piece I’m making started out as a simple piece of clear glass. To make the piece more unique I decided to piece scraps of dichroic glass together and cap them with the clear. It’s an easy technique that gives you exciting results.

First, I draw the shape of the clear glass on a primed or shelf paper lined kiln shelf. The clear glass is then set aside, and I assemble the glass scraps inside the pencil line. Once I have filled the space, I place the clear glass on top. The clear glass enhances the dichroic coating giving it a deep luster. The assembled glass is then fired to a full fuse temperature. I was thrilled with the outcome, but decided not to stop there. After all, the idea was to create freely without a rigid plan.

After the fused piece came out of the kiln, I added another layer of material that included dichroic extract, twisted cane and more dichroic scrap. I fired the glass to a full fuse a second time. The results were amazing. The fused glass has a lot of detail and depth that give the piece a surprisingly sophisticated appearance considering it’s made with scrap.

In my Vlog video Part 3 we slumped the glass over a wavy stainless steel mold. Enjoy the teaser pictures. The reveal will be in my next Vlog.

How do you like my new Vlogs and this less structured delivery?

What would you like to see in my Vlog?

Vlog 3 Supplies


Oceanside Glass COE96

Skutt Firebox 14 Kiln

CBS Coatings By Sandberg:

Twisted Cane

Firelite Forms VN10 S Curve Stainless Steel slumping mold 10” x  8” x 1.5” x 1” lip

Free Firing Guides

Happy Fusing!


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