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Make a Mini Murrine Sculpture with Me

Murrine are fusible glass rods with tiny patterns inside. They make great accents for fused glass designs. The rods come in a variety of patterns and colors. I think of them as exotic decorations. The small pattern details add a lot of interest to your art. For that reason, I generally used them sparingly to create a striking focal point.

Other times, I like to experiment with mini creations using materials in unexpected ways. This brightly colored sculpture is a perfect example. It demonstrates the surprisingly impactful artistic display you can achieve with small scale art.

In addition this Mini Murrine Sculpture is fun, fast, and easy to make! You’ll love playing with the vividly colored rods and arranging them in ways that inspire your imagination.

How it’s made.  

Here’s the fun part. I used a square stainless steel cookie cutter to contain the glass while fusing. My cookie cutter, measures 1-inch tall, 3-inch wide by 3-inch long. You can use any size or shape you have available. The heart shape is always an adorable choice. I buy my stainless steel cookie cutters online. There’s a wide assortment available.  

The prep.

Line the metal cookie cutter with 2 layers of fiber paper. On the cooling stage of firing the stainless steel mold cools and contracts faster than the fused glass. To prevent breakage I create a cushion by lining the inside of the metal mold with 1/8-inch thick fiber paper. I then line the inside of that with Thinfire fiber paper. The Thinfire produces smooth edge quality and beautiful round shoulders.

Cut the murrine.

Measure the glass rods and cut them to size with mosaic nippers. Arrange about 7-8 pieces at a time in a row on your worktable. Cover the top with a length of clear tape. The tape will burn off during firing. Roll the taped pieces into a cluster and place them inside the metal mold. Repeat until the mold is full.

Fire the glass to the full fuse temperature using the guide provided.

Make the base. Cut 2 pieces of clear glass into 2-inch by 2-inch squares. Stack one on the other and fire to the full fuse temperature.

Display your cutie.

Grind one corner flat. Glue the mini sculpture to the clear base and enjoy!

The beauty of glass fusing is it offers artists of all skill levels, working with any size kiln, the opportunity to create stunning works of art. Whether you’re working big or small the thrill and excitement of creating art is the same. Enjoy the process and remember small is powerful!

Watch the Make a Mini Murrine Sculpture Vlog here.

Happy Fusing!


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  1. Where to get thw murini>

    1. You can find them at any glass art supplier.

  2. Love the murrine project with cookie cutter. How much would you sell this for?

    1. I’d sell it around $29.95 🙂

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