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Celebrate Glowing Seasonal Home Accents

Fall in Florida is like spring up north in the sense that we’re coming off of months spent inside due to extreme temperatures outside. In Florida we were inside to avoid the heat, up north it’s to avoid the cold. Aa a result, Autumn’s crisp air and colorful foliage inspires renewed creativity and a longing to spend time in my glass studio.

Autumn also marks the upcoming holiday season. It means it’s time to start thinking about making fun seasonal themed fused glass projects to decorate my home and give as gifts. In recent years, I’ve really enjoyed displaying sparkling fused glass lanterns in my home, office, and yard. Lanterns are an easy way to include art glass in my decor to bring a special brightness and cheerful joy to these personal spaces.   

Especially around the holidays, I enjoy having soft accent lights around my home. So, I created a collection of lanterns I could switch out seasonally to add a festive atmosphere to my rooms all year long. And best of all, having a variety of design themes keeps the construction fresh and fun.

In my video Lumin-Essence I show how to make 8 shimmering lanterns. The lanterns range in complexity, but anyone with a flair for fusing can easily make them all. I will tell you though, they will challenge your fabrication skills. But in a good, try something new way that you’ll love. 

Fall Leaf is a quick and easy design to get you fired up and bring a seasonal touch to your home. It’s organic shape and bright, cheery colors make it the perfect complement to your fall decorations. Plus, the compact size makes it the perfect accent in small spaces or in dark areas where a little light would warm up your space.   

Brilliant gift ideas just in time for the holidays.

The first lantern I designed was inspired by relaxing summer vacations spent on a serene lake. A sailboat glides over calm waters with a picturesque view of mountains and pine trees behind. The custom made glass base provides a lift and an attractive pedestal to showcase the scenic setting. The front panel of the lantern bows out. The back panel bows in the opposite creating the perfect space for a candle or LED lights.

Weave is an especially fun lantern to make. It looks complicated and fragile, when in reality it’s easy and sturdy once assembled. Plus, it’s a terrific size for adding a touch of light to small or confined spaces. The assembly is simple. You cut a bunch of strips, lay them out in 4 alternating layers and then tack the pieces together in your kiln. The 4 sides are then glued together around a clear glass base. I like to add dichroic glass strips to mine for that super shine that lights up the room. The best part is Weave looks amazingly beautiful when lit. The open construction and rich colors cast a rainbow of colors on the table and surrounding walls.

Winter Wonderland is my favorite lantern. The clear glass backdrop is the perfect complement to the white and dichroic snowflakes. This dazzling lantern requires extra steps as the snowflakes are tacked together and then tacked on the clear front and back panels. Let me tell you, this one is worth your time. Winter Wonderland is a spectacular, glistening addition to any room.

Dogwood reminds me of flower gardening and the rebirth of nature in the spring. I selected a crisp, clean, simple color palate for this lantern. I used clear glass for the lattice because I wanted this lantern to have structure, but also a light, airy feel. The flowers are fun to make. They’re tacked together and then slumped in small bowl molds to give them form. Dogwood is assembled it multiple easy steps. The lantern sides are glued around a clear base. After the glue is dry the flowers are glued on one side at a time. When lit, Dogwood makes a dazzling centerpiece.  

Blue Mountains was inspired by the cool gradient colors of the Great Smoky Mountains. We all enjoy a refreshing trip to the mountains where stunning views and peaceful moments linger in our hearts. With this lantern you can relive those tranquil times every day. This lantern is super easy to make. You just layer several shades of blue. The beauty of Blue Mountains is in its simplicity of design and construction. You’ll love making this restful lantern.    

Red Heart is a darling combination of vivid color and lacy pattern. The great thing about this lantern is the small, fused glass design combined with a ready-made candle shelter, make it quick and easy to construct. You’ll definitely want one of these around come February. This dainty lantern is a perfect personalized gift to show family and friends they hold a special place in your heart.

Purple Heart may be dainty, but it lights up the room with an impressive glow. It’s another quick and easy project that makes a great gift. Just fuse glass strips and then glue them on a ready-made candle shelter. It doesn’t get easier.   

I hope this illuminating collection inspires you to be creative and celebrate family, friends, and all that we have to be thankful for. 

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Happy Fusing!


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