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Follow My Vlog and Learn My Creative Process in My Studio Unedited

What’s a Vlog?

It’s a video blog taped in the moment complete with surprises, mistakes, and funny slips. For me, this is a new method of providing new material to you. Truth is, I love it! The spontaneity is refreshing. In addition I feel like we’re providing solid information but in a one-on-one way that brings us all closer to understanding the many facets of glass fusing.

My beautiful blue haired daughter, Niki, has been working with me for several months now. She has been integral in driving this new authentic direction. Her young perspective and her sassy attitude is infusing new excitement into my routine. It was Niki’s idea to tape me in my studio just doing what I do. And then we share it with you in raw form for the sake of education, entertainment, connection and of course fun.

It’s working! We’re getting a lot of positive feedback. We’re getting great questions that will translate into future Vlog topics and so many sincere thank yous we love to hear. If you haven’t been following along, this is your invitation to join us on our ever changing path to discovery.       

Experimentation is the Mother of Invention!

I’m known for blazing my own trail. I enjoy learning by trial and error. It’s the challenge to achieve success that drives me forward. A few weeks ago I suggested to Niki that we Vlog about a new drape mold I hadn’t used yet. I thought it would take a few test firings to get the results I wanted.

I was wrong!

These small 5 inch ceramic Fluted Mushroom Drape Molds are kicking my butt! The wonderful thing is you get to witness the extra effort that goes into this project development. Under different circumstances this material would have been cut from the footage you see in my how-to videos.

The 5 inch ceramic drape mold is intended to be used to make mushroom caps. I want to use it to make flowers instead. Armed with 35 years’ experience I wanted to create a fluid floral shape with a uniform drape. I’m 5 test firings in and still question my decisions when I close the kiln and re-fire new glass blanks on the molds. Fortunately, I have the luxury of time, plenty of material and a forgiving electric budget to work with.

In my Vlogs I share how I determine what direction to take when I get unexpected results. So far, I changed the firing times and temperatures several times. More than once, I adjusted the size and shape of the clear glass blanks. I even changed kilns all in an effort to improve the outcome. With each new test I make small adjustments that I hope will influence my results in a desirable way. I take notes to learn from the failures and to confidently reproduce the positive outcome once I’m successful. 

You can follow my progress by watching my new videos on YouTube and on my website. The Vlogs that cover the mushroom cap mold challenge include Studio Time Vlog Part 7, When things don’t go the way, you planned Vlog 8, Experimenting in the studio (Vlog 9), Frit Happens Vlog 10 and just added today Nearing the end Vlog 11.

We’re not done yet!

I still have a few more kinks to work out before I’m content and feel like I can predict consistent results. Once we’re there the road ahead will be straight and smooth. Vlog 12 is coming soon!

I hope you are enjoying the journey as much as I am!


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You Are Awesome!

Thank you to everyone who’s responded to my Vlogs and new videos with positive comments, helpful feedback, and great questions! Your encouragement is fueling the fire that motivates Niki and I to bring you more unrehearsed, practical information to elevate your working knowledge of the real creative life in my glass studio. 

PS Let me brag! Here’s another credit to Niki and the benefit of aligning yourself with the daring spirit of youth. She’s responsible for the new wacky, fearlessly authentic style pictures of me that likely make you giggle. I’ve stopped cringing and objecting to the images and let her follow through with her own creative ideas.

Now that I’ve happily relinquished total control and have relaxed my stiff teaching style, I’m having more fun than ever at work. From the excited comments we receive every day you’re having more fun than ever learning new techniques. We’re all winners!   

Happy Fusing!


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